So Im going to the store today to exchange the slim flap!

  1. I was up tossing and turning all night about this stupid bag!!! I like it and I like the price it was, but I really want an ergo tote. So I'm going to exchange it, look around to Macys/Nordstrom/Lord and Taylor to make sure they dont have any totes on clearance, then I'm going to suck it up and use a portion of my gift card to get the ergo tote in medium. Now the question is - sig or leather?! I think my store has the black sig in stock, but I called CS about the leather (actually dont ever call before 8:00 EST. The guy says to me "do you have access to the internet? Can you look it up for me? Um if I could find the info on the web site then I wouldnt need you, now, would I? But he said they are just after hours CS -thats what I get for obsessing over a bag at 6:00 a.m.!) so I have to call back, see if they have the leather in stock, see what colors (probably black and brown of some sort, right?) then decide. Phew.
  2. yeah- that is what you get...haha! j/k...i hope you get a bag you love! i would say signature - chocolate, but i wear a lot of brown & love the chocolate!!!
  3. I myself personally LOVE the leather...When one sees a leather Coach...They "know" it's authentic(There are so many fake siggy's around my area)...Also...Sometimes it's fun to be out...And watch ones ahhhh over someone's siggy...And be so dense they don't notice that I've a LEATHER COACH BAG~ I just walk with my head held high...And am smug that they don't know much about Coach to NOT notice a classic leather baby~

    So...I say leather...Though I do like some signatures...I just love the leather in the Ergo Tote~:love: My wish list is to have a smaller Ergo tote...It's what about 10 inches wide...

    Good luck...No matter what it's a beautiful style...Show us pictures when it arrives~;)
  4. CHOCOLATE SIGNATURE yum yum yum!!!!!! OR tobacco leather (I have both of these!!!! and LOVE them!!!!) Good luck w/ your fun decision and keep us posted!!!!
  5. I saw a fake large leather carly for $40 at one of those stands in the mall, I wanted to call the police!

  6. I didn't think they would use leather to replicate any designer bag...Due to cost of the leather and such...It couldn't have been real leather was it!?! For that price?:confused1: