So, I'm going to go to the outlet again...

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  1. as soon as FH leaves! He peeved me off, so I'm going to go drive 40 some minutes to do some shopping therapy! :yahoo:

    He leaves in a few minutes, so after that I am going to leave. They opened an hour ago, though, so they are going to be busy busy when I get there.

    Not on a bag hunt this time, though I really wasn't last time either.... I need a coin purse and maybe a wristlet to stick my uh... girly items in. :lolots:

    Will I succeed in my mission?! Stay tuned to Outlet trips with fox0r to find out!
  2. Oh, and as to why he peeved me off, since I'm sure everyone is curious now. :lolots:

    His car is broken so he thinks he can use mine like it is his. :nono: Please, like I don't have places to go! (*coughCoachcough*) Or people to see! (*coughSAscough*).

    He's confused! I yelled at him and he is using either his sister's or his mom's car. And then he wanted me to GIVE HIM A RIDE! They live 3 blocks from us. I made him walk. :lol:


    He just left! I'll update again after I get there and have snatched up all of the good stuff! :yahoo:
  3. you know i do that too when my husband makes me mad, i tell him i am going out and go to the outlet. i find it very therapeutic.
  4. Ha ha! Sounds like something I would do - if there was an outlet in my state that is... Have fun. Can't wait to see what ya get!
  5. MEN! If they would just understand they would have more money if they did not make us mad!!! Last time DH upset me I went and bought dd new summer wardrobe!
  6. Hahaha.. I have said to DH repeatedly, "knock that **** off, or I'm going to Coach dot com!"
  7. ^^ :lolots:

    Men....we love 'em and hate 'em. Have fun!!
  8. So far nothing good and it is packed!
  9. Gosh, I'm so the odd man out...I butter my husband up before I shop!
  10. I butter mine up too. I got him to take me to the full price store last night and the outlet this morning!!
  11. Still nadda...
  12. this whole posting while at the outlets is fun...hope you at least find something
  13. I did find a little something!
  14. Yay . . so enjoy your outlet adventures!
  15. love being there with you