So...I'm feeling mixed emotions....

  1. ...right now...

    The leather does seem to be a bit thin to me.
    The bag is shiny in the sun - and almost looks like a bit Plomb'ish' to me.

  2. plomb in the sun looks silverish -- that's what i saw in some pics here while some are darker and seems almost black. black itself gives off different degrees of 'blackness', frankly. will you be taking pics to show us?
  3. I surely will be taking pictures. But not until I get home this evening.
    I think I always do this with BBags when I get them.
    I'm never sure - but then I always adore them. This was especially true with the Bordeaux Twiggy. I ADORE that bag now.

    I think I'm just feeling it more with the black.
    Maybe it just doesn't look as jet black as I expected?

    Anyone feel free to jump in and talk me down from the edge. :wtf:
  4. some leather is thin... but is it soft and silky? thick doesnt always mean better b/c thick leather can be dry/stiff.

    it probably still has the protective glaze on it. my black city is still a tad shiney after 5 months, but all my other bbags lost their glaze after a week or two.

    eta: not all black bbags are jet black :sad: mine is in certain light and then like you said - in other light it looks plombish (dark gray).
  5. soemtimes I build up the anticipation so much that I'm guaranteeing myself to be let down.

    It might be GOOD that it still has some of it's sheen- like verty said that's probably the protective glaze. And that's probably why it doesn't seem jet black, because it's a wee bit reflective.

    Post some pics, and some modeling pics!
  6. I have 08 Black SGH Work. Infact, I love the color and leather very much. It has some characteristic in it, not so black black. Mine is still new but I think it'll break in nicely. Congrat! I know you've been waiting for this bag for a while:tup:
  7. Yes, Verty. The leather is silky ( 'buttah' - a.k.a. butter, as my husband would say.)

    I walked out of my office for quite some time.
    When I walked back in - I saw her sitting in the corner and she's starting to look more beautiful.

    Sorry if I seem crazy.

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!
  8. this happened to me too with both my black RH city and black GGH Work! I worried "Did I get good leather"? The answer is yes and yes. Some blacks aren't as jet as others, but they are all gorgeous!!!
  9. Brunettetiger. Do you feel that your GGH Work is a litlle bit heavy? I weighed both RH and GH Work. RH weighs 1 lbs, GH weighs 2 lbs.
  10. Thank you. This makes me feel better.

    Hugs to ALL of you!
  11. I'm glad you're starting to feel better - and I don't think you're crazy at all!! Have you seen my thread on my hobo trauma? I'm way more :nuts: than you - it's totally normal to feel the way you are when something isn't as you expected it to be, even if it is beautiful! My Black day is a softer shade of black and has a sheen to her as well, but I actually really love her that way! She has a little less of a sheen now than when I first got her due to several coats of Apple conditioner, so if you're looking to lose a little of the sheen I would try using Apple!
  12. oooh la la if the leather is silky then i say it's a keeper for sure :yes: even if it feels thin, if it's already soft without being broken in, then imagine how silky it'll be in a month! :p
  13. GGH Work is heavier, but because of the size and shape of the bag the weight is distributed well. Plus I can fit it over my shoulder now:tup:
  14. I agree with verty! My Black City is a little veiner (did I spell that right) than I'd like it to be but it is so silky soft like butta that I decided to keep it and for some reason as the bag gets broken in, the color actually gets darker. This happened with my '05 Grey Twiggy. I can't wait to see your pic tonight!:tup:
  15. Don't worry Shamrock, you are not crazy. I do the same thing. I get a bag and stare at it and wonder if I should keep it (because if I keep it, I know that there is another bag out there somewhere that I won't have because I chose to keep this one). It's sort of like "the grass is always greener syndrome" or (the leather on some other bag might be better syndrome). Months later I will be carrying the bag and wonder how I ever lived without it, and I laugh about how indecisive I was being!