So I'm at the Van Halen concert last night...

  1. So I'm at the Van Halen concert last night and when I'm in the bathroom I look down & see in the stall next to me someone wearing a cute pair of Coach Perfume Print flip flops!

    And to think 'back in the day' at a VH concert I would have seen a pair of clogs or maybe fringy moccasins! Boy how we've all 'matured'!!

    BTW it was kicked butt! My ears are still ringing!:woohoo:
  2. :rochard:
  3. My DH and I saw Van Halen a few years ago, and it was AMAZING! I couldn't believe you could see Sammy's hair from way at the top of the stadium seats! :nuts: I bet it was an awesome concert!
  4. I just had an 80's flashback!

    OMG I am still a huge VH fan! I can remember the collage of posters on the back of my closet door as a teenager.... I still have a ticket stub from a 1986 concert with them at the Forum (yes, I'm showing my age!). Price tag: $$ 12.50! I'm hoping to catch them when they come to LA.

    Funny how you tend to see Coach everywhere! Here's to all the closet Coach obsessed :rochard: in us!~
  5. Yeah the big difference was that my stub now has a price of $149.50!!! Seeing Diamond Dave back with Eddie & Alex was priceless though!
  6. :wtf:

    But, I'll still buy tickets!