so i'm a new member and...

  1. i was wondering how many men are on this board? i surely cannot be the only one right? :s
  2. Yes, you are the only guy amongst 96,000 ladies

    Good luck ;)
  3. Hi and welcome! :flowers:

    No worries, you are surely not the only man around here, but us ladies are certainly in the majority.

    We even have Princes around here, but Vlad is our King :king::p
  4. Welcome! :flowers: You are most certainly not the only guy on the board. I know there are some others. I think there was a thread on it not too long ago that you can search when Vlad is done doing his magic on it (aka fixing it)
  5.'re the only one.
  6. Hi and Welcome!!

  7. CHARLES! Baddd human! Tell the truth DUDE! LOL!

    Welcome Brain... yes, there are other men here... a few Princes, Vlad is king, Charles is the court jester. :p
  8. Yep, hello! There are quite a few of us. Loads of men love talking about their purses :roflmfao:
  9. Welcome, there are some great males here! Look out for Charles :roflmfao:
  10. Actually ladies,the Brain here is pretty smart. Where else can he go to mingle with 96,000+ women about our love and obsession with our handbag and purses.:lol: Seriously,welcome & enjoy the ride!