So, I'm a little shaken up right now.

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  1. I said goodnight to everyone, turned off my computer and got ready for bed.

    I was just about to get into bed when I heard a knock at the door.

    I asked who it was. It was the Toronto Police. (I checked through the peep hole and sure enough, there is a uniformed man.)

    When I opened the door, the officer told me a lady had jumped off one of the balconies of the building, and they were trying to figure out which floor she lived on. He asked me if I knew anyone that matched a particular description. I said no. He said "thank you."

    Then he asked me if I was alright. (I guess I looked a little shaken. I was, and I told him as much.)

    Once he left and I closed the door, the morbid part of me went outside my balcony and peeked over the railing to see what I could see. I saw something covered in a sheet and I briefly thought, "Okay, what is that?" but other than that, I couldn't see anything. If I could have I would probably want to be describing it to a therapist right now.)
  2. That gives me chills down my spine just reading it. How sad. I don't blame you for being shook up!
  3. Oh wow. How sad.

    Hope you're doing alright, Caitlin.
  4. scary!!! what if someone threw her off the balcony? :wtf:
  5. OMG caitlin that is horrible... its like a movie.. try not to think about it... hope u feel better... :flowers:
  6. It's funny, as I was getting ready for bed, I was thinking, Yes, I watch the Family Channel. And I'm fine with that. There are so many horrible things going on in the world that sometimes someone just needs that innocence. Sometimes you need to watch shows where the biggest issue is how to avoid Mom finding out you saw that movie she specifically said you weren't allowed to see.
  7. I pray for that poor woman. I wonder what she must have been going through to do what she did.

    My life was by no means easy, but I never, ever, not for one second would consider doing something like that.

    I pray that God (or whatever deity or higher power she believes in) takes care of her and brings her some peace.
  8. Interesting, devoted . . . maybe I've been watching too many Law & Order: SVUs
    because if there was foul play suspected, they would probably have been asking me if I knew of any two people having problems with each other in the building.
  9. that is exactly what i thought of right away, as well
  10. OMG HOW TERRIBLE. You NEVER expect knocks on the door from police. Like a million things run through your head. The other night our next door neighbor fell and he told the police that we had the key when we didn't so we were like running for the door in the middle of the night thinking GKW was happening. So scary and I am sorry that happened to someone in your building. Oy.
  11. OMG, how sad!

    Take care and I hope you are OK. Let us know how you are doing if you cannot fall asleep.

  12. I'll be okay. I just need to talk about it. I called my dad as soon as the police left. After that, I posted a thread here.

    I had the TV on mute ever since I answered the door. A few minutes ago, I decided it was too damned quiet and put the sound back on the TV.

    I'm watching Smart Guy now.
  13. Oh Caitlin, how horrible and frightening! And my god, that poor woman and her family...

    I wouldn't be able to sleep a wink!
  14. I hope you are okay Caitlin! That is just horrible.:wtf:
  15. eek, that must be really freaky. even though you didnt know her, you'll always remember what happened. i would be more afraid that if she was killed by someone, then hopefully it's not a serial mass murderer.