So if you were meeting with Miss Fashion ...

  1. So if you were meeting with Miss Fashion, ie the "Most Fashionable Girl in School/Office/Hometown," "Miss Fashion Snob," "Miss Fashion Know-it-all," etc., to discuss fashion what would you wear?

    What is your foolproof fashionable outfit?
  2. Same stuff i always wear. Probably dark jeans, cute top (probably a nice silk one), cute accessories, cute bag for sure.. cute everything. :smile:
  3. Yes, Sammydoll, you always have cute outfits! :flowers:
  4. Aw, thankiess:cutesy:
  5. Jeans and a T :smile: lol
  6. If it were tomorrow, I'd wear a Tracy Feith le Shack printed babydoll w/ a pair of chloe Mary Janes in tan and a Jimmy choo oversized belted clutch.
  7. D&G, off topic, but I love your fringed Lanvin. I have satin one in black. I was also going to get that fringed YSL turquoise hobo too!
  8. Jeans, heels and a sweater or dressy top plus a nice bag and some simple jewlery.
  9. Thank you! the satin one sounds divine!! Everyone should have a little Lanvin in their life.
  10. depends on the situation...

    casual - tr skinnies, vince sweater with lace cami and ballet flats
    dressy - robert rodriguez high waist crops and suspenders, purple theory dress shirt and louboutin pigalles.
  11. i agree!:yes:
  12. A little black dress and my red bvlgari scarve, my new bvlgari mink purse, definitely my LV bracelet, my usual pink sapphire 18K white and yellow gold with diamond accents (my design) on my right hand, my regular Dior everyday watch and a pair of D & G shoes.
  13. Simple, yet trendy. Don't go overboard b/c that will look like you're trying too hard - pick one thing that will stand out in your outfit such as shoes, a handbag, or a one of a kind top you can't buy in large department stores (such as Nordstrom, Saks, etc).
  14. A mini dress and ballet flats - Spring/Summer trend, and perfect for showing off my legs, which I have loads of! :rolleyes:
  15. A fashion editor's outfit (because they meet with Mr. and Mrs. Fashion all the time!): black black black. Throw on one stunning piece of jewelry, a great handbag, and that's that!