So if you were LV and replicas and EBAY were cutting into your sales

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  1. What would your solution be????????


    I was thinking yesterday how personalization will single-handedly wipe out a large percent of the EBAY second hand market in the years to come, its free, and nice, but when you go to resell the colors may not appeal to all buyers, let alone if you have initials in which case you'd have to find the exact same initial named buyer

    And as for replicas, it will make you want to get the personalization to make it clear that your bags are authentic

    just something I was thinking about yesterday
  2. I guess it would depend on how many people want to personalize their bags. Some bags I would personalize and some I would not. My guess would be that there will still be a lot of bags in the years to come that are not personalized. It is interesting to think about though.
  3. that would be neat...b/c to try and resell a bag that has YOUR initials on it would be difficult.
  4. Is hot-stamping new? I thought they've been doing it for a while. Anyway, I do know some people are reluctant to have it done to bags (and opt instead for tags, etc.) in order to retain the option of selling in the future.

    And I think there's a *HUGE* distinction between replicas and re-sales. I wouldn't lump them into the same category.
  5. If a bag/wallet is personalised you can fix it. All you have to do is pay LV to replace the leather. I remember a while back, there was someone on here who threw a brand new Damier wallet in the bin (:shocked:) because when they got home they didn't like the heatstamping. They told their SA about it and they said if they had just brought it in then the lining could have been replaced.

    Or do you mean forced personalisation - where they make everyone personalise their bag?

    Heat stamps are very easy to fake so I don't think it is much help against replicas.
  6. I don't see that solving the issue of replicas. The counterfitters are pretty quick to jump on the band wagon. I can see them attempting to do the same thing. I wouldn't want to personalize any of my bags. I like them just the way they are and it would ruin any chance of selling them one day.
  7. L.V. make billions a year and are always putting up their prices, we'll be eating beans before they are.
  8. It was just a thought...perhaps if only for the potential buyer to keep in mind as it will afect resell potential
  9. I know what you mean though - I wish there was some way LV could stop replicas - but I don't think there is... :sad:
  10. LV is starting to make personalization soon on speedies and keepalls..theres a few threads already talking about it and showing pics! I think theres stripes on the side of the speedy and you can put your initials, etc.!