So, if you had a choice...


Apr 3, 2007
...would you sell on ebay or return to the store?

I have a few thing I've purchased that I'm thinking I won't use...would you try to sell them on ebay (is it really worth it?) or would you just return it to the store? I couple of things that I have are discontinued or are now longer in the stores, so I'm wondering what your advise is??? :confused1:
Maybe you could do a little bit of research to see if your items are hot sellers on Ebay. If they're selling for more than retail...go for it! When items are no longer avaiable their value tends to go up quickly.
What happens when you return something older to Coach? Do they have a time limit on returns?

I would do some research and see if what you have is selling.

As long as it is unused, and if you have a receipt you'll be refunded. This will sound terrible but I had a bag that was released 1-1/2 years ago, never used, tags, stuffing etc. never removed and they did refund. I was surprised but grateful.

Unless someone is really desparate to have the bag you are selling, most buyers are looking for bargains. I have received offers to Buy It Now that really are rather insulting!