So, if you had a choice......

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  1. ........(and this is seriously hypothetical given that my CC is deeply in the red and the money tree in the backyard is stripped bare) would you choose:

    a. Black Togo
    b. Black Evergrain
    c. Black Chevre
    d. Ebene Togo
    e. Ebene Evergrain
    g. Ebene Chevre
    h. None of the above because of a powerful urge for something Rose Dragee

  2. i. All of the above, resell the ones I don't like for a huuuuuuge markup and buy a croc with diamonds? :biggrin:

    I would go for either d. or e. because I feel that black is too blah for me in textured leathers (although I drool on Cal's black Birkin) and I don't like Chevre in dark colours. It deserves colours that pop.
  3. Anything but B, E, and H (Seriously D!). I've heard that Evergrain doesn't do wear and tear very well and it just doesn't look as illustrious as Togo or Chevre!
  4. Shopmom, this is the first list I've seen where I truly desire nothing. I love black but not in any of the leathers you listed. Ditton ebene.

    Now if you'd said black boxcalf I'd have reacted in half a heartbeat.

    As for rose dragee, it's lovely but not up to wongnumber-style abuse. You're probably less rough and tumble than me.
  5. definitely NOT h.

    I would go for ebene in chevre, but I don't think it comes in chevre (I'm probably incorrect, though) so I would go for Marron Fonce in chevre.

    Someone please correct me if ebene does come in chevre.
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. I think ebene doesn't come in togo either, actually.
  8. I could be tempted with a. depending on the item, and the application.
  9. I think you're right. It does come in Clemence, I have an ebene clemence Massai.
  10. Heh heh, I know the clemence thing for a fact too since I have an ebene clemence Birkin.... LOL.
  11. K,

    Shopmom will reach 10K by early- mid next week.

    You know she's kicked back one-too-many Martinis when she's talking about rose dragee. Someone needs to get her off the computer and hold back her hair when she says she wants Blue Jean or Vert Anis..:p
  12. Could this be Muffin masquerading as Shopmom? :roflmfao:
  13. ^ lol Louis.

    Vert anis olives perhaps? :biggrin:
  14. louis - you always crack me up...OK, I've got your bet in....

    ebene also comes in matte croc..........he, he, he......get that, D!!!!
  15. I nearly wet my pants right in Madison Ave last week when Avandome said Rose Dragee looked like raw pork.