So if the new floor set comes out tomorrow...

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  1. Will the new items be on the website tonight??
  2. I'm almost afraid to look....


  3. Nothing so far....
  4. Maybe my computer will crash so I won't be able to see anything. I don't live too close to a boutique so I'm counting on my computer to help me out.
  5. I'm wondering the same thing...

    I don't want to go to sleep because I didn't get to see the new catalog pics before they went down!

    I need my fix!!!
  6. nothing so far. i was hoping they would be up tonight.
  7. I asked about this on my way out of the Coach store tonight, I was told the new stuff would be on the website at midnight.
  8. That's probably midnight PST...
  9. i'll be up to see, i'm pretending to do homework but switching from tpf to eBay!:graucho:
  10. I'm out simply because I've got to work in the morning.

    Grrr... Coach's HQ is in EST. I wish they'd update the website in their own time zone!
  11. It wouldn't be surprising for their tech people to be in Cali... I bet they have a tech company do their site rather than in house even.
  12. Well its past midnight CST and still no update.

    GRRRRR :cursing:
  13. midnight pst, where is it??
  14. no, one more hour for midnight PST
  15. Midnight PST is in another hour... this is midnight mountain.