So if my SA didn't ask for my info to enter into the computer...

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  1. Should I ask her to please enter it? I have made several purchases at Coach lately, and possibly only once did they enter my info (I can't remember about the first one). What is a polite way to make sure that my purchases are tracked so that I may get a coupon in the future?
  2. i'd just go over the counter and look at the screen! to tell you the truth.

    it's the wierdest thing. but the first purchase you made they should have asked you for your name, mailing address, phone number, and email. if they didn't then tsk tsk.

    usually cashiers ask, some copy off the id.

    the way you can tell is if your name is on the reciept.

    to really make sure, on your first purchase, as they enter the info on the system.

    from then on, if your on the system, when they swipe your CC they just ask for zip code and you should pop up, if there's more then one person with your last name, or close, with the same zip code they may ask for your name and verify your address.
  3. Thank you, ms-whitney! My name is not on my first receipt from this month, though it is on my two latest (but they were only small purchases).
  4. you welcome! and if at any time your bf/DH or anyone purchase something for you, and you're there. you can put it under your name as well! just have them look it up.
  5. Since I've been on this forum I've always wondered: what does DH mean? Dear husband?
  6. i don't know. i just use it. hehe. i know it refers to a husband though!
  7. it's dear hubby (at least on tpf, it is)
  8. dear husband or at times damn husband
    PHH is purse hating husband.
    I have yet to see PLH..

    they always spell my name wrong, theres a v in my last name, and they always put C even when I say V as in vincent, or when they take it off my debit card..
  9. I notice they don't ask for your info when you pay in cash.
  10. I bought a bottle of signature fabric cleaner a few months ago with cash and the SA asked for my name, etc. I bet my Coach store has a very strict policy about entering everything into the computer. The SA even mentioned something about the signature wristlet that I had purchased a month or so before buying the cleaner.

  11. i hope the SA knows you or was there when you brought it....

    otherwise they're really not suppose to do that (mention older purchases they don't know about)

    and yes, some stores will be stricter then others, human error again, stores do get scored on this.
  12. Thanks for the info on DH and PHH. I certainly have a PHH, but I still love him!