So IF I were to get the Ultimate Hermes Bag ...

  1. a Birkin, of course :p ... would I FINALLY be satisfied ??? Would I never be obsessed over another handbag again ...
    Or am I only kidding myself :shame:
  2. you will be satisfied that you have a hermes bag but you will want more .... that is the probelm a probelm but not a bad one....!!!
  3. No, it's an addiction. Once you have one, you can't stop.......
  4. *sigh* I was afraid you were all going to say that ... well, I know I just NEED ONE!!! my PHH just doesn't understand ...
  5. WE understand and fully support you! So, what are you going to START with??

  6. Thank You!!! :flowers:

    I really don't know yet ... :shame: I am still trying to learn about the different leathers and slouchiness and would like to actually hold a 30 and 35 in my hand to see which size I like best
  7. There is an upside to the addiction. Once you start buying Hermes bags, you will instantly lose interest in all other brands and will happily sell every other bag, scarf, and wallet in your closet to fund your passion.
  8. You will never be obsessed over another handbag again but you WILL be obsessed with HERMES handbags!!!! You can't have just one.....your first Hermes bag is just the tip of the iceberg!!!!!

    It's a long and wonderful ride...........and lasts a lifetime!
  9. Well, once you go Hermes you never go back. You won't lust over other designers or any "it" bags. Only Hermes. Once the bug bites it's permanent damage!
  10. The ultimate birkin ...if it was to be my only one, would have to be a croc, but with a "Chameleon/mood-ring" color changing ability, so the color is different whenever I change my outfit. Otherwise, no, no ultimate bag, want a whole bunch!
  11. ^^^HERMES obessession is very nice to's okay, LEAST THERE is a CURE...YOU JUST GO GET ANOTHER H-Something at the boutique! :yes:
  12. ^^Ditto^^!!!
  13. I don't think it ever stops... once you get one, then you want the 2nd one.. and then the cycle just goes on and on..
  14. It's s slippery slope!
  15. After you get one, it even infiltrates your dreams. Case in point, I had a dream I took mine on vacation, in the sand. :push:
    But then you get the serene dreams where you look around and there are Brikins growing on trees ( ok ladies I promise I wasn't drinking or smoking).