So if all these bajillions of people are supposed to be coming to DC..

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  1. why are the roadways clear all around the inner and outer loop of the beltway around DC? My husband and son are coming in from a day of skiing up north and they called me to check the traffic and all the way down is clear, clear, clear.

    I felt the 4 million estimate was WAY out of line and now I'm very suspicious of it!

    Though I did hear that there were people camping out already as of yesterday along the reflection pond and I am puzzled how they plan to do that since it's getting in the teens at night and no one can bring big things with them... Brrrrr.....
  2. i think that 4 million was a very high estimate and it was supposed to be more like 2 million (still a lot!).
    i was surprised that traffic was very light today too but i didn't venture any further up 95 than 234. ;)
    i think many many of the people came Fri-Sun (but i didn't leave my house all weekend, lol)
  3. My friend lives in Capitol Hill and she said that the traffic inside of the city is ridiculous. So many city streets are closed down due to the events going on. She doesn't really drive a lot, but she said even the Metro is just insanely busy, and she's having a hard time even running simple errands like going to the drugstore.
  4. I had to drive to the Arlington Cemetery area on Saturday morning around 10 am and I flew in (west of 495 in on 395). I did see one car that had painted on the back "Inaugeration or bust" with NC plates and a couple cars piled up with 'stuff', but other than that, traffic has been light, but I agree they probably came earlier to make a weekend out of it. I'm glad though. I was a little worried about their drive out and in for skiing today.
  5. I know there must be a lot of people because the VRE (regional rail) tickets for the day tomorrow are completely sold out (we live right near the vre). And I know yesterday a couple of friends of ours who live in DC had a hard time getting out because almost all bridges to and from VA-DC are closed for the weekend. They had to search for a bridge. (Of course, they could have looked online first, but that's another story).
  6. They will likely never know exactly how many people are/were there. They can count the numbers who flew in, but there's no telling how many drove and how early they arrived. But regardless, I am glad that your dh and son didn't have problems returning home!
  7. I think I'll picture it only in my mind. I hate uncontrollable crowds of people, no matter what the occasion. Good luck to all who have to live and work in DC for the next few days....
  8. DC streets are always chaotic. its ridiculous. but i agree, i doubt there will be anywhere near 4mil, but also, people may be taking the sub. i know i would if i were able to go. that will probably be crazier than the streets tomorrow.

  9. I know a lot of people who were planning on coming changed their minds once they saw all the obstacles and mess it would be. Our ethical society was asked to host guests and initially several families were going to host, but in the end, only one is. From VA to DC is nearly impossible to get to besides VRE and Metro (and I understand why because where would all these people go? Those bridges are all in zones where it would be difficult to drive period).

    But all along we figured we would see more and be more comfortable in our homes. I'm curious to hear how it all goes. We'll see if they have enough porta-potties too. There's 8,000 of the which sounds like a lot, but if there are 4 million people? that's 1 toilet for every 500 people.

    They metro people are saying that trains will be running/stopping ever 90 seconds all day long and once the inaugeration is over they suggest that people go to the museums and walk around and wait because waits at the train stations are expected to be 3-4 hours long, buses too.

    Can you imagine PLANNING this event?
  10. It is a bit after 6 AM Eastern time, I am watching CNN, and the crowd already appears really, really large.

    Granted, CNN is going to choose their shots, but to be very frank, as someone who has been in my share of crowds, it looks like this one could be shaping up to be one of such a size and density that Safety Squirrel is looking very thoughtful.

    It doesn't matter how peaceful and friendly it is, at a certain point of bodies per square feet, some smushing is going to occur, even if people try very hard not to.
  11. I just have to throw this out there and ask..... where on earth do people go to the bathroom?? 4 million people?
  12. ^^^ LOL CNN actually addressed that a few minutes ago. There are porta-potties, and I am sorry I missed the number, but looking at the crowd, and remembering what it is like to be in a really big smushy one, getting TO the porta-potties, no matter how many there are, would be something of a logistical challenge...
  13. so anyone went there? I'm just watching it on HBO.
  14. They're saying on the radio it is 1 for ever 600!!!! I was like :wtf:

    I'm sorry for you guys who live right there. I remember in college the city shutting down when we had football games and no one being able to go anywhere... I just can't wrap my head around this many people flooding DC...
  15. The hardcore Twitterati are excited - thinking this will make some of the big news orgz sit up and take notice, and they have a point, in a really, really big crowd, the only actual reporting possible will be those "regular people" typing into tiny little handheld things, on Twitter, and of course The Dreaded Facebook, et al