... so I'd love to get this commission thing straight!

  1. I spent some time searching the forums with the advanced search features but still for some reason could not find a place where people mention percentages of commission or how else SA's (the ones who get commission) are paid.

    I mostly speak of department stores because I know that many designer boutiques (LV and Hermes to name a few) do not offer this.

    Is the percentage commission per sale the same? Different depending on price, years of employment, etc?

    I would love to know what percentage commission SA's get at:

    Bottega Veneta

    If anyone has any insight please share, I would be so grateful!
  2. Generally you may not see answers from SA's here in the Forum because the retailors mentioned have a privacy clause, salary and commission are private issues.

    While I am in another industry altogether (the gift industry), we make 10-20% and are on full commission, no salary. I wouldn't have it any other way. But again, I sell wholesale directly to shop owners, not end users.

    My educated guess would be retail stores pay a salary only in most cases. If commission is paid at all it would be in the neighborhood of 3-5%.

    Maybe there are some retail SA's out there willing to share this information.

    The SA's making alot of commissions in the handbag industry are the rep groups selling wholesale for the design firms, writing the orders for the shops.
  3. My friend worked at Niemans for three years, no salary at all...just commission, not sure how much though.
  4. LV associates do not make 'commissions' per se. They do not get a % of each sale. But they do have have quotas, on the get bonuses based on making thier quotas and going over, etc.
  5. I don't know how much the commission is, but I was told by an SA at Nordies that she gets commission but if the bag is returned, they take the commission away. that is a TOUGH way to make a living...
  6. Most definitely, I agree, personal salary and commission rates are definitely private! I was just wondering if there were general numbers given (not necessarily from SAs themselves) because on places like salary.com they only give annual pay numbers.