So I wrote & asked Lesportsac about future prints...

  1. Dear Renee:We will carry the Tutti and the Spiaggia on the website, but theTransporto will be available in department stores only.Thank you for shopping LeSportsac. Sincerely, LeSportsacCustomer Service Department
  2. wtf lesportsac is soo messed up!!!:cursing:
  3. Okay so we don't need to panic about Spiaggia. Tutti will also be included. Alright I can live with that. I'm not too interested in the other prints anyway.
  4. Famous. Last. Words.
  5. interesting... thanks for the info!! I hope spagiaa will be easier to get than amore.. .I want at least two bags!!
  6. Was tutti the black outlined one? I forgot xD;

    I have to wonder though, why LeSportSac does this X_X;;; If anything, they should do it ONLY on their site...right?

    I am happy to hear that Spiagia will be on their site. I will check it every day when it gets closer and order a Zucca ASAP when the time comes x_X; I am not sure I want to wait and see >>;

  7. whaaat :wtf:
    trasporto seems to be the cutest one !
    i really wanna see how it actually looks, i mean sandy riding an elephant! :heart: latte on a skateboard, and it looks like polpettina has rollerblades.
    it might just be the cutest print ever.
  8. You're right I'll probably be eating my words in a couple of months when Transporto comes out. Oh now I gotta have it~!
  9. Does anyone have pictures of these prints?
  10. LOL
  11. They were up about a couple of months ago. They were taken down I think at Lesportsac's request because they don't want to give the people who make the fakes a head start.
  12. ahh i still find them when i search google =]
  13. I guess I need to start googling too then. I need to refresh my memory on the transporto one.
  14. the trasporto is adorable, even though you can't see much, go look :graucho: and start drooling.
  15. thanks snoopa, i found them...and thanks