so i wrote about the damier and what happend with my speedy..

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  1. and the MADE IN USA thing :smash: and the bleeding lining,, so i went to the boutique with my mom tonight, she saw the mini lin right away and thought it was gorgeous i do too i think it is BEAUTIFUL butttt i want to keep this bag forever and just the thought that i might hit it against something and that it might rip worries me, and the monogram too i think is pretty butttt i dont like the look of the patina handles in years to come. i still think the damier is gorgeous but the lining bothers me :yucky: .. at the boutique they told me i can exchange the bag for whatever i want but i still haven't made up my mind! i am the most pickiest person ever, and have the hardest time with making my mind up about ANYTHING! :roflmfao: lol & i want one of these bags for christmas and i dont know waht to dooooo! also i love this forum it keeps me entertained when i should be studying for finals for college :rolleyes:
  2. I just got my damier speedy, and i loved it
    not patine issue...
  3. I wish I could help you with your decision, but I am in the same boat that you are in. Love the mini lin but what about the durability, love damier, but what about bleding issues, so many choices, so many bags. Good luck!
  4. I also have a damier speedy with no color transfer issues. I love it, can't live without it! :smile:
  5. I absolutely love my damier speedy. I think that it will still be just as gorgeous ten years from now. Very classy.
  6. You know, my damier speedy does bleed when I rub it with a towel, but it does not get color on any of my things inside the purse. I've had this bag for several months and I haven't had any problems with anything getting red dye on it. I've actually forgotten all about it. So don't let that sway you, I think the dye sets a little better over time. I really don't think you'll have a problem.
  7. thanks =) again i just looked at it and i stuck my hand in the bag idk why but i did lol and it got some pink on the sleeve of my ****
  8. 1. made in USA = I try to avoid which limits my choices :sad:

    2. Monogram Mini Lin = Have not seen IRL yet, but feel it would be no more worst for wear like it's "sister" version, Monogram Mini JMO :P

    3. Damier = Hard choice luckily mine are all the older versions and had none of these new "bleeding" problems. :smile:

    4. patina = happens with all vachetta some grow to appreciate the changes others dislike it. :shrugs:

    JMO :flowers:
  9. do you have anything from the monogram mini?
  10. :yes: Josephine PM TST :heart: it to pieces. The SAs would not sell it to me because I am the hardest person to please. Said it was to fragile... Well I must say it is still holding its own. Very durable and light rain just rolls off the scotch guard like water off a duck.

    Plus I am planning to buy one of these Mono Mini Lin Saumur, Bolougne, the Petit Bucket. Haven't decided which yet.

  11. i understand you! i am a hard person to please too and i hate it, i would hate going shopping with someone just like me lol but what is the material of your josephine? is it made out of the same textiles as the mini lin?
  12. I don't remember exactly the materials that are woven into this fabric. Supposedly tightly woven canvas there's no linen it and does not feel like cotton as it feels too stiff. I forgot to mention my bag does not pill either.
  13. Actually I think it's the same fabric as the classic Monogram and Damier without the shrunken texture coating. Not sure though. :shrugs:
  14. thank you for your help :yes:
  15. I had the Damier Speedy 30 and loved it. However, it did bleed and so I exchanged it for the Damier Saleya GM...LOVE IT!! :smile: