So I worry I picked the wrong Carly!

  1. I have my chocolate Carly and it's great but I'm worried I'd be better off with the medium in khaki saddle! I'm trying to find a bag I can carry year round and from the comments it seems like for what I need the medium is probably the better choice. Also the medium is a little smaller but not too small which sounds dreamy to me. But to do that I'm going to have to sell my new cotton on eBay and I'm done with eBay for now. I can't return it because I've used it for a week. I hate being so indecisive. I wanna keep the Carly style but I just don't know if the chocolate is right for what I need and what I usually wear year round. ;_;

    Just needed to vent. I wish I could afford more then 1 bag. =P
  2. No you didn't!!! the chocolate is TDF! If I had the money I would get both!! It can be year round too... it has dark brown in it (good for fall/winter) and it has light cream in it (good for all seasons)
  3. but if you are not 100% happy with it... i would do research to see if it is selling on eBay.. u dont want to get less than what u paid for!
  4. aww i'm sorry you feel this way. i think you should just concentrate on the carly that you have - you do love it, stop over analysing everything? if you really regret it, i'm afraid ebay is the only way out.

    hope you feel better soon!
  5. Every SA in my store is drooling over the chocolate Carly. I want it so bad I can hardly see straight. You know you love that bag, girl! :heart::heart::heart::heart:
  6. it IS adorable though!!
  7. You're probably right. ;P I really should keep it, it IS such a gorgeous bag! lol I swear it's not good how much I change my mind then change back.
  8. That bag really is gorgeous, and I think the chocolate color lends itself to being a year round bag anyway.

    The important thing is for you to be happy with it. Do you worry about stains on the fabric or did you get that resolved?

    We all love the bag, but it's important for you to love it. Maybe try carrying it for awhile longer to see what happens?
  9. I will. I suppose it IS too soon to tell yet. =) I'll give it more time!
  10. Keep it Keep it!!!

  11. Ditto!!
  12. It is a gorgeous bag-don't worry about it, just love it!!
  13. I am going to stick my neck out and advise you to keep it. I love that Chocolate Carly and I think you will regret giving it up. I think it is at least a three season bag because the fabric has such a nice heft to it. I also think the large Carly carries that print beautifully.
  14. Don't you DARE get rid of that bag!!!
  15. lol okay okay. I have a feeling I MAY get trampled if I sell it. I'll keep it dangit! ;)