So I won these on Ebay..

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  1. And I would like to know if you guys think they are authentic or not? I asked many ppl since im so insecure about eBay, but not having stores around where you can buy these pretty pretty ladies makes you want to bid on them :p

    OK, here's the first that I've won. What do you think? And does any1 have a clue about the bags name, I mean if it got any?
    And I know it dosen't show on the pic but the seller told me it says riri on the backzipper.

    eBay: **100% Auth. Marc Jacobs Hobo NWT & Receip Free Ship** (item 220070404126 end time Jan-15-07 20:30:00 PST)

    (Didn't recive any of the purses yet so I couldn't take pics of my own)

    And here is the lovely Sophia:

    eBay: Auth Marc Jacobs Violet Sophia Handbag Purse Sofia (item 140076400257 end time Jan-23-07 16:46:21 PST)

    Also said riri on the backzipper according to the seller.

    Now I would like to hear what you ladies(possibly men?)think :sweatdrop:
  2. They look authentic to me!!
    Congrats on your great deals!!!
    Beautiful bags....
  3. Post those links in the "Authenticate This" sticky and people will be able to help you. :flowers:
  4. ^ditto That!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.