So I woke up today and looked out the window....

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  1. and saw this:


    And was panicking about whether I should take the bbag :sweatdrop: or not in this horrible weather, but then realised most of transport had been suspended!! So now I'm stuck in my warm living room, sipping coffee with my bbags all safely in their dustbag and looking at the Purse Forum instead of going to university. Mmmm LOVELY :love: :p LOL!

    Although...It's funny how I worry about my bbags first instead of how to get to university!!:rolleyes:
  2. Omg, that is such a beautiful sight!! :love: It's like a black and white painting! Sorry, but here in Cali we don't see such a sight everyday. :p
  3. what a beautiful photo! sorry bout not being able to head out but gosh just enjoy the view!!!!!
  4. Lol thanx! I'm actually quite happy staying indoors, it's freeezing outside!
  5. percephonie, I'm going to pack my bags right now and forcefully move in with you! :graucho: That is such a beautiful sight and I'm long over due for a vacation.
  6. LOL sure Irissy, come on over! But you'd be disappointed at how quickly the snow melts and gets all disgusting...!
  7. per I live in Surrey and the weather it's just the same. It's Xmas ?! I am not going out.... :shame: I am summer girl :beach:
  8. Yeah it feels like a late Xmas lol!
  9. Wow... accumulated snow in London is rare... I did not see such accumulation when living there some years ago – it usually melts by mid-morning. Here's hoping the snow will stay for a while!
  10. gorgeous! ugh... I want some snow.
  11. that is such a gorgeous view!!! hahaha i love how you are such a dedicated bbag mommy :smile:
  12. wow girl!!! u took such nice picture :p
  13. wow, whatta stunning photo percephonie, thanks for sharing girl!!! :tender:...and i know what you mean about worrying over b-bags...i check the weather everyday before work to see if it's "safe" to bring one that day (lol!!!) :p
  14. WOW What a beautiful view! Hope you have a great day in your nice warm living room! Unfortunately, I have to go to my university and take tests. UGH! Lucky you!
  15. Gorgeous view! and what a great day to just sit back and enjoy PF and the company of your bbags. Plus... with the bbags that you have in your collection, I'd always be worried about their safety too! You have some rare gems in there!!