So i went today to LV

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  1. to see the speedy mini lin...very cute ,although i must say i dont like anything else in the mini lin.And i decided that i will just save my money for the damier azur speedy 30

    So i asked the SA about the azur and he tried to find pics for me...they are probably as good as the ones they have been posted here, but do we know if the material is just like the damier or if its fabric?? Just curious to know he said he thinks its just like the damier thats out now.

    BTW i saw the azur keepall picture and the handles already had patina and it looks gorgeous. :P

  2. Oooohhhhh poo....I just got off the list for it b/c I SO the Large bucket in Damier.....

    Now I will just wait and drool over yours.....Azur sure looks very different and sweet....ughhhhhh...the pain....:hysteric:
  3. so nobody knows if its coated canvas :sad: ???
  4. I saw the mini lin speedy in person. I thought I was going to go nuts over it..but I didnt like it. I think it was the contrast stitching that REALLY bothered me.
  5. I 've been waiting foir this Speedy mono lin since I found out about it..I went to the store to check it out, I wasn't that crazy about it. I guess because the color is too dark for my liking. I wished they made mono lin in brighter color or at least beige..
    The waiting is over for mono lin ..I guess I have to wait patiently for speedy azur..

    Azur will be coated canvas not fabric..

  6. Agreed as to mini lin, I'm actually quite disappointed. The purse looks flimsy. :Push: I think the azur will be the same material as damier...I'm saving my $ towards that too!
  7. i think the mini lin is cute but would of looked better in a light beige and off white or something

    i cant wait till the azur comes out! thanks nita im so happy its coated!
  8. Totally off you mind me asking how much it cost?? How long will it take??
  9. hmm... a lot of people seem to not be impressed by the mini lin.. and some other thread mentioned one fo the ones they saw.. the fabric on the bag had started to pill.

    I'm quite sad to hear about this pilling... I was thinking the mini lin would be a nice compromise between mono and damier! But just like how a sweater looks not as neat and grows old looking really quickly once pilling starts.. I wouldn't want the same thing to happen to the bag!!!
  10. hmmm in my opinion, the new mini lin is wayyyyy inferior compared to monogram must be all the colours that are making me like this line more than the new one.......oh well.....but I'm sure in a couple of months/yrs, there's gonna be a lot more and better additions
  11. i never realy liked the idea of realy stuck on the damier azur line..i realy can't wait.
  12. pilling? what do u you mean by pilling?
  13. I saw the Speedy at my's cute but the only thing I like is the wallet. I forget the name but it's about $480.

    And shopaholiccat, I think by pilling, they mean that since it's uncoated fabric, it might start to ball up after awhile like some shirts and sweaters do.
  14. Sorry for the late post!:shame: It is $1160 and will take 4-6 months.
  15. im waiting for the damier azur. i think i like azur more than mini lin