So I went to the outlet to return a scarf today...

  1. And I came home with a large patent leather mahogany ergo hobo. It was 255! I couldn't just leave it there.
    mahogany ergo hobo.jpg
  2. Oh my goodness!!! Great find!!!!! I can't believe there was one at the outlet!
  3. D*mn I need an outlet closer....great deal!!
  4. They said someone returned it yesterday. She ordered it, got it in the mail yesterday, didn't like it and just returned it to the outlet.
  5. LOL That's my excuse on most "don't need its" :yes:

    Excellent nab and beautiful color!! I need that to match my patent mahogany skinny & coin purse.
  6. Great find! I've never had luck at the outlets...
  7. Awesome find! Congratulations! I own the exact same bag and know how much you will love it!
  8. Lucky you great find!!
  9. So you can return to a factory store? Do you get a refund or store credit??

    Congrats on the great find!!!
  10. Hmm, I don't know. I mean I guess they'll give you a refund. I know if you return something from the outlet to the store they give you a store credit but I don't know how it goes the other way around.
  11. I love your bag
  12. Great deal! I never seem to be that lucky at my outlet (which is an hour away anyway:crybaby:).
  13. wow! awesome awesome find!
  14. Lucky duck! :yes:
  15. WOW!! gorgeous, congrats!!