So, I went to the Mall to buy a Coach bag and I came back with these!

  1. I was a woman on a mission, I was going to buy a Coach Denim Carly. I had a couple of Dillards gift cards and a merch credit, so something had to be bought!

    Saw these and knew I had to have them. I especially love the divided interior. The size is perfect and I love the colors. I am thinking I may have to go back and get the pink too.

    So for the price of about 1 Coach bag I got 2 Dooneys.

    I havent owned a Dooney in about 7 years. go figure.
    0a0a1.jpg 0a0a2.jpg oaoa.jpg
  2. So cute Donna! I love the blue!
  3. Hey, I really like the blue one! Congrats.
  4. Those are very cute!
  5. Love them!
  6. Oh........I would have soo had to have the pink!! Great find!
  7. Congrats, they are pretty!
  8. congrats!
  9. OMG that's SO beautiful!!
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Those are so great! Enjoy!
  12. Ooh I love the blue one! Congrats!
  13. Adorable!
  14. love it!! thanks for sharing
  15. Those are so cute. I have the tan ostrich in the medium it back in February. But I just fell in love with the Giraffe line (Dooney and these daggone animals!) so I had to sell it. But congrats...I'm not a big "logo" person so I found the ostrich line to be understated but still very striking! I'm sure you'll enjoy and yes, you should go back and get the pink! :tup: