So I went to the Boutique today, and...

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  1. I went to the boutique today with the intention of getting the Madison Shoulder bag, and didnt, I liked it better on other people, :crybaby:but not on me. So I tried on several others, not really finding anything and getting bummed, then I saw the "new color" silver in the Sabrina, grabbed her up asked got excited, asked if this comes in the large size, and NO it doesn't, the small is out of the question for me, BUT THAT COLOR IS AMAZING:heart:...not silver at all, more beigey, but oooohhhhh the sparkle is geeeooorrrgggeeoouuusssss! I mean breathtaking! So I asked about the next floor set, ( end of Feb) and I fell n love with pic of "Parker", (kinda resort, kinda julianne, kinda ergo, & slouchy), and :confused1: couldn't decide between violet & yellow, until the SA told me she "thinks" it might come in the "sparkly" color version same as the silver sabrina, (only called tan) well okay lets order it then. I sure hope I like the color! Pretty excited, should be here by end of week!:yahoo::nuts: Wooohooo!
  2. So your ordered it in the Tan? Can't wait to see pictures when it arrives!
  3. Exciting! Congrats :biggrin:
  4. OOO Cool! I'm excited for you pictures! Congrats!
  5. I wanna see the pics too! That should be gorgeous!
  6. O yes, please post pix when you get it
  7. Cant wait to see your pics of this bags color. It sure sounds pretty.

    I saw the 'tan' Sabrina in the Spring mini catalog (on the very last page)and it IMO it looked like a yellow bag to me, definately not tan by any means.....:s
    Someone here posted about their tan Sabrina and her pics didnt look yellow at all though.
    It is hard to tell the true color since Coachs stock pics of their bags is sometimes off.

    You are brave to order it sight unseen.
  8. I'd be scared it's going to be the tan leather like the new Sabrina. Coach is sometimes tricky with there color names.
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    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    I know, don't know whats gonna be in that box, but thankfully Coach has a good return policy, & if I don't like the color, I'll echange... probably for the mustardly yellow, or the violet, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like the bag itself, as it resembles the Julianne, and I love my Julianne!

    I should clarify I ordered the Parker Hippe in all leather.
  10. Nothing against that color, but I hope thats not it.:nuts:
  11. Well there is a link to the Parker (satchel) on the Coach website, however it is not working properly with any pics.
    Penelope hippie comes up but not Parker hippie.

    silver/sand sounds like it is the only possible color combo for it.
    No mention of "tan" whatsoever in the dropdown of available colors?
  12. Wow, congrats to you...she sounds lovely! Can't wait to see pics :yes:
  13. Can't wait to see pics of your new bag. I saw the silver Sabrina earlier today and loved it, but I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER SABRINA!!! Sorry, I just have to keep repeating that to myself over and over until it finally sinks in. I definitely think I'll get a few accessories though.
  14. Sounds so pretty. Can't wait to see pics.