So I went to Saks and....

  1. Hello, I went to Saks outlet in Petaluma, CA. and i got a pair of seven jeans A pocket for 40 dollars and BCBG leather quilted flats for 39.99... yay... :yahoo: I've wanted to buy a red purse for a while but I did not want to pay a lot so I see this cute Kathy Van Z. red purse and i took it... when i was paying the cashier rang the pants and the shoes and gave me the total even tho the purse was in the counter.. i was like :confused1: and then like :graucho: but then i went like :sweatdrop: and i told her I am buying this too and she goes like :amazed: I thougt it was yours... (I had my little coach wristlet) and I say well i will be mine ... i feel :shame: now... lol.. sorry for the long post..

    Have you guys been in a situation like this??
  2. Yeah Its happened to me alot too, I don't say anything.
    Once you have payed, run out the store as quick as you can, Thats what I do :lol:
  3. funny story : )
  4. :lol:
    never happen to me before :p