So I went to Printemps today...

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  1. ...and came home with THESE!!!!!

    :yahoo::heart:Cafe Work and Anthra First:heart: :yahoo:

    My story is that I started my Bbag journey thinking I wanted a City for everyday/work. Found a really pretty Ink City. Decided I didn't want Ink, I wanted Black. Sold it and found a gorgeous 04 Black City. Was sad to realize it was really just too small for my needs. It will have to go.

    Went to Printemps today to try on the Work. !!! Perfect. Walked in wanting a Sandstone but they didn't have it. Was also interested in seeing a Cafe Day but they only had GH and it seemed a little too flashy for me. So I asked to see a Cafe Work! oh MY. Dark Chocolatey Smooshiness - fell in love. Then was just walking around looking and reached out and touched an Anthracite Messenger on the wall. :nuts: Mistake! SO SOFT - unbelievable. Also, a beautiful Anthra GH PT was sitting there and I couldn't figure out what color it was, it was so different from the messenger. And then there was an Anthra GH Day hanging that I just couldn't take my eyes off. Big surprise for me - guess it's really a color you have to see IRL to fall for. So asked for the First because I'd been thinking of getting a smallish bag too...

    Let me just say that the SA was ridiculously nice (remember this is Paris!) and suitably impressed with my knowledge of styles and colors and leathers (are you proud of your newbie?!? :wlae:) and spent about half an hour letting me hem and haw and drool with my friend over the bags. She was happy to keep going to the room in the back to pull more colors (I peeked through when the door opened - stacks of Bals!) Then when I asked to pick my favorites of the two from whatever she had in stock - she said ABSOLUTELY and went off to get them - she said all the bags are different and I had every right to ask. Then we studied them together and picked the best ones! :yes:

    I'm so happy I was giggly when I got home! They joined Aqua Day and now I have une petite famille! I will now have to COOL it with the bag buying and JUST ENJOY them to the fullest! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! :tender:

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  2. i love it! your work is simply beautiful, awesome leather! and that anthrafirst is gorgeous, too! congrats :yes:
  3. WOW! Both are SO pretty but I LOVE the Cafe Work! CONGRATS!!!!
  4. Congrats!!! love the first!
  5. Oh wow!!:love: Congrats, Bellenuit!!:yahoo: Love them!!:heart:
  6. Yay, Congrats!!! Sounds like a fun experience at Printemps. You did great, the bags are awesome. Love the pics, the cafe is a great color with awesome leather. The anthrafirst will be fun and looks like it will be so versatile, enjoy them!
  7. What a beautiful family you have there! I just became a member of the anthra club myself and it's an amazing color! All of your bags are gorgeous - congrats and enjoy them!
  8. :love: Incredibly chic, enjoy those beauties!:love:
  9. Wow! Congrats on two gorgeous bags! It's sounds like you had so much fun shopping! Isn't great buying a Bbag in person. :yahoo:
  10. Congrats you lucky thing:yes::drool:
  11. They are both perfect, congrats! The SA at Printemps is great! Was it the tall blonde girl? She is SO helpful!
  12. congrats!
  13. Thanks so much, everyone! Super thrilled, I'm now in the staring and petting stage :heart::heart::heart: (although it's 2:30am got to get to bed! hee). danae - yes it was the tall blond girl who helped me. She was really great - knowledgeable and helpful and sweet!

    I did just realize though that the Anthra First had no tags, controllato, or tassles tucked into the pocket like my other two came with. !?!? I'm assuming it's because they got taken out and someone forgot to put them back in? The Firsts come with extra tassles, right? TIA! :flowers:
  14. oooh. that was my 100th post! :amuse:
  15. Your bags are beautiful and I am envious of your wonderful shopping spree. And yes my first came with tassles.