So I went to LV today.....

  1. Some of you may remember that I brought a Pomme'd Amour Zippy wallet last month before i went on vacation. Last week i noticed there were some small peelings on the edges of the wallet!!! I'm sooo was my first venis piece and its defected:sad:! I took it to LV store today. The SA was very nice, he asked me if i wanna exchanged it to another wallet style since the zippy ones were all sold out. I was about to get the pochette wallet, then guess what did i see????...
    :yahoo:Azur saleya MM:heart:
    They just got three in this morning, two were on res. I exchange the venis zippy wallet for the LAST one:nuts:!!!! I figure i can get another wallet any time i want, but if i don't get the Azur saleya now, i may have to wait for xx months for the next shipment.....:yes:


  2. congrats! it look great on you!
  3. Another Azur piece! Congrats!! It looks great!
  4. I love it and it looks so great on you! Congratulatiosn!!
  5. very nice :yahoo: congrats
  6. Azur is stunning, and you wear it well! Congratulations on your new bag, and it'll be an essential for spring and summer.
  7. Congratulations! It´s so beautiful!
  8. Oh that is pretty! I like it! It looks fab on you!
  9. wow that Cruise Raye scarf matches the Azur perfectly!
  10. Pretty-I love it!
  11. Welcome back and bring beautiful pics~love your new Azur!!!
  12. Beautiful :love: Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  13. Love the scarf!
  14. Aaaaaw, I love Azur. Congrats!
  15. do a "whats inside your bag" pic..:happydance: :happydance: kekkee:p

    and do you mind if I ask how much the MM cost?