So I went to LV today

  1. I went in to browse. Then my SA told me that some things came in. Although they couldn't sell it, he wanted to show it to me. So he takes me to the other counter so not to draw too much attention. Then he shows me the Quilted bags in the Cabas GM, Cabas PM and the blue Bowling patchwork:drool: .
    So here's my opinion. Photos were from Miss Label Addict's 2007 summary.

    Blue bowling patchwork. Such a HOT bag IRL. The different pieces of denim made this bag so unique. I thought it would be too much on such a large piece but I actually think it looks good. It's this crazy denim monstrosity that to me works. It's so crazy different. I can't wait to see the Speedy. If the bowling is this HOT, then the Speedy has to be so beautiful:love: . It's a very roomy bag and the interior is beautiful. I love the pattern of the liberty fabric. It's so sweet.

    Quilted Cabas PM was actually really pretty IRL. It's pretty big but it was a beauty. I can see someone pulling it off. The only thing that bothered me was the twisted handles. They were way too thick:yucky: . The feel of the leather was so soft and the bag was really light. I really liked it.

    Quilted Cabas GM too me looked comical IRL. It was so big. They had a pair of these twisted handles. One of them was already big. Imagine there being 2. It was so thick:shrugs: . Plus the chain link piece attached to it was white and plastic like. They were attached to some rod like piece on the side of the bag with these round pieces on the end. It was made of the same material as the plastic chain. It reminded me of a plastic curtain rod:lol: . The bag would've been so beautiful if they removed one of the handles or atleast made them thinner and removed the plastic hardware. Maybe replaced the plastic hardware with some brass ones:graucho: . It looks much better in pictures to me. But someone else could find it beautiful. I didn't like the Dentelle even IRL but it did grow on me. Just something about them handles and the plastic hardware throws me off.

  2. thanks for the info. I love the Cabas PM.
  3. Thanks for the report...I guess this is something you really have to see up close to believe it might work. In print none of them do a thing for me...thought it might be my age, but guess this whole spring/summer 2007 collection isn't doing it for me...except the new Damiers and the Beverly of course....:yes:
  4. Thanks for the report .. did you see the street pm or love bags there???
  5. Thanks for the info...Im on the waitlist for the patchworkk speedy/bowley, but i don't think i'll get it, too much $$ spend already:push: ......can't buy new bags until I get my new car in June!!!
  6. No. Wish I did.
  7. Thanks for the info!
  8. The cabas pm and gm both have that plastic curtain rod thing going on. But it looks better on the pm.
  9. thank's for the info, I got "the call" this morning to say the pouchy is in but not the other's so far. I don't think they'll have them for release as it's tomorrow but it doesn't matter because I can't get to the store until next week anyway.
  10. The pouchy isn't my thing. It's just too small for me. But knowing you, you'd rock that bag. Hope ya get it and I can't wait for the pics!!!
  11. Thanks for the info. I like the cabas.
  12. I viewed the pouchy today, the new MC bags and the hampstead's BUT it was none of the items I have waitlisted for:crybaby: I wonder if they will call you tomorrow re:that's Love bag???
  13. How lucky were you to see those bags

    i'm waitlisted for both the Cabas and Frame Quilted bags and i can't wait to see them IRL

    I can't beleive the Patchwork looks hot... i was waitlisted for the Pouchy but gave it a miss when they called me last week.. Maybe i need to go in and see it IRL to decide whether i want one now, as i've never really been a fan of the denim line
  14. I saw the denim patchwork pouch yesterday....didn't like it! It was a bit too wide for my likey...
  15. i love cabas gm...but not the price :p