So I went to LV today ***PICS***

  1. i looked at the roxbury in pomme and it's a lovely, lovely bag. was almost ready to buy it when i noticed that the only one they had in the store had creases. i also realized it might be hard to get things in and out of the bag (with 4 snaps). i asked my sa if it will still be available in the next few months and she said yes and that she would call me if they get one in "mint" condition.
    so i looked around the store, saw the new dentelle wallets and the riveting pochette. was almost ready to leave when i realized...wait! i can't leave the mothership without any purchases right? so here are my lovely little treasures. i :heart: them!:yahoo: hope you like them, too!
    pomme1.jpg pomme2.jpg pomme3.jpg pomme4.jpg pomme5.jpg
  2. Ooh lucky you! What size did you end up with? I'm looking for a 53 but my SA said most stores are out of them. Grr.
  3. Both are breathtaking! Congratulations. :smile:
  4. Congrats on your pomme goodies.
  5. wow! I love anything pomme!! ludlow right?!?! congrats!
  6. LVbabydoll- i don't know the numerical size but i bought the biggest one coz i like wearing it on my pointer finger. hope you find one soon.
    by the way, i love your cupcake photos! makes me want one really bad.
  7. yes ludlow! it's checked off my wishlist now. i saw the flat pouch, too (the one in your avatar). it is gorgeous.
  8. Nice! And loovvee the nails!
  9. Lovely color! Congrats!
  10. thanks! figured i might as well match my new ludlow and inclusion ring. :yes:
  11. Very nice !!! Did you match your nails on purpose ?????:p (that's something I would do;))
  12. :yahoo:!!! Congrats on the goodies, now you are ready for the pomme roxbury ^^
  13. Love them both, the Pomme color is TDF!
  14. yes, i actually knew i was gonna get something pomme today. so last weekend i had my nails painted in OPI bogota blackberry. it's fun!
  15. I just got the ludlow pomme as well, isn't it GORGEOUS! Loving the ring too!