So I went to Holts and I looked.....

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  1. So I decided to drive out to Montreal yesterday and go to Holt Renfrew where they carry most of the major brands including Chloe and these are my thoughts and findings.

    I saw a beautiful meduim Ecru quilted bay on the sale table for around $1000 CDN.

    I also saw a light beige paddington shopper and a paddington hobo and I was sooo dissappointed at the leather quality of them both. They are a far cry from the older paddies that I've seen and touched.:yucky:

    They had some VERY large Chloe bags at regular price including a paddy with the small lock and partly patent, a huge heloise in beige and an off white patent heloise. The colour they chose did not complement the bags at all. I was NOT impressed, but maybe they sold out of the nicer bags....

    It is so weird that I end up going to see all these Chloes after just seeing them on a computer screen and to be so disappointed. I still love Chloe but it was just a bad bunch I saw....

    They had sooo many other bags on the sale tables it was crazy and I managed to snatch this gorgoues Marc Jacobs burgendy Blake at 40% off. I posted about it here:

    They had some Coach leather bags that were so expensive even on sale. Who knew Coach bags were getting so expensive!!!

    Oh and I finally tried on a medium YSL downtown and its is huge for me...THANK GOD its out of my system.

    Anyways, I think I have gone way overboard and must let one of my bags go....It might be the Canelle Quilted Bay...but who knows!:s
  2. Mona you are KILLING me:sweatdrop::lol:!!!!!! I just seen the exact bay you have at Nordies 15 minutes ago and I thought to myself how gorg is this!!!
  3. Yeah the colour is divine!
  4. Out of curiousity? Why the Bay?
  5. I dunno...she is gorgoues but a little too big for me for everyday! Hey, maybe its just my guilt talking though.....
  6. Beautiful Blake, one of the best MJ bags. Just recently sold my pink one, so currently I'm Blakeless. Love that the hardware gold??
  7. Yes beautiful gold hardware...
  8. Beautiful Blake and I like the Bay too! Why is it hard for me to like any other bags besides Chloe????
  9. I feel guilty when I do like other bags but I do....

    OK, I love the quilted Bay but as a friend would say, its a thick bag. Its absolutley stunning to look at and I've had people stare when I carry her!
  10. I was at Mark Shale's today and was STUNNED to see a knock off of the very quilted Bay bag I bought my daughter - a chocolate one for $168USD. They had a knock of the YSL muse in black patent too. They don't knock off EVERY bag! - LOL! Last year I saw the black 'Paddy' displayed. Mark Shales is an upscale retailer so I was very disappointed to see them have fake bags.
  11. Okay Mona? Was it the friend's remark that turned you off, i.e. a thick bag? Look how many people on this board commented on your Bay? Is it a comfortable bag to carry?

    Here's another thought do you want a colorful bag hence the purple YSL?
  12. Oh God no its me I knew it was bulky but thick was just a better word for it! Its ok to carry but a tad heavy and bulky. The thing is I live in Canada and we tend to wear thick coats and jackets a lot and having a bulky bag does not help!

    and BTW, I tried on the YSL downtown yesterday and did not like it! being able to try on this stuff is sooooo nice. You can only tell so much from a picture!!!

    There is soooo much to be said about being able to buy a bag in person if you can. Most of the time I can't but when I can its just great.
  13. oh please don't let go of your bay! its a beautiful bag and canelle is one of the best colours! :crybaby:
  14. Itta I know your angst in this regard. Let's face it these bags are a small fortune and you want them to have all the bells and whistles...looks, charisma, comfort and user friendly.

    I was just commenting that the chain handled Betty is my favorite Chloe because I think she looks soooo hotttttt. But she's a ***** to carry (at least for me) and she's not very user friendly. I also think my front pocket Paddy is not user friendly either, but she's good in the comfort department. Edith has it all except I can't wear her on my shoulder (something I prefer to do).

    The bottom line you have to really love your bag to make yourself wear it with all of it's detriments? Also I think Chloe's in general are a 'tad' bulkey. They are a hunken kind of purse.

    When I compare my Chloe's to my Valentino's and I marvel how fragil the Valentino's are next to the Chloe's.

    My most comfortable purse to carry is my Ferrigamo?:p
  15. Yeah I totally agree susie...just liking (not loving) + lack of comfort = neglect.....:nogood::tdown:
    no point leaving a bag unused when plenty of others can be had!:yes:

    Who knew handbag shopping would be sooo complicted. But I think the lack of millions $$ in my bank account complicates things further. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    If I had tons of money I would keep many designer bags even if I only used them once a year.