So I went to Hermes SF today.......

  1. ...........and they actually had inventory!!
    35cm red Potamos Birkin
    32cm Kelly retourne cobalt ostrich with gold hardware
    Black lizard mini-Constance
    Rouge vif? lizard JPG Kelly

    Shopmom, you didn't come in today did you?
  2. HEY! there a fly on the wall over here or something?????

  3. ^^LOL! If she did, there would not have been stuff there. Cooties, you understand...:roflmfao:
  4. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked::wondering :wondering
  5. It's okay, Shopmom, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
  6. i'm so confused.........:s

    HG......are you here? ....... are you in Berzerkely?......somewhere? :oh:
  7. What does red Potamos look like? Cool red or warm red? I'm looking for a 35cm. :drool: I'm calling my SA first thing.
  8. HEY! I almost BOUGHT that Lizard Constance!!!!!! But then I was seriously side tracked by the Braise Lizard 25cm BIRKIN you missed, HG. HAH!
  9. :flowers::flowers::flowers:

    There was a red potamos Kelly in my store for a couple of weeks and I was soooo drawn by. Never knew until I laid eyes on it that I really like potamos!
  10. HG...where are you????
  11. Oh no.. more suspense in the H forum... lol! So, yeah HG, where the bloody H*ll are you? (sorry.. Aussie Ad campaign, couldn't resist:P).
  12. Oh, my GOD! :wtf: :wtf: As I read this thread, I kept thinking 'What is potato Birkin..What can it be:shrugs: ?' I read it again, it's Potamos Birkin!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: I need to go to a reading class or something...:s :hysteric: It has been happening quite often to me nowadays!:yucky:
  13. Oh that kelly...what a dream! I wish I could see it!
  14. ssshhhhhhh.....she's somewhere around here......i just know it........ Maybe she was lurking in the backroom when I was fondling the Braise Lizard Birkin...........:shrugs:
  15. :shrugs: :wondering :sneaky: :roflmfao: