So I went to H today :) Clic H question!

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  1. I was trying on a craie/chalk phw narrow Clic H and I have 2 questions before I'll go back tomorrow. I perused many threads in this subforum in the last hours but haven't found the answers yet :smile:
    1. Both sizes (for the small and bigger wrist) fit me. The smaller size was quite snug but still moved a bit. The larger size was looser, like an LV inclusion bracelet in the normal size. Which to use to stack with a snugger fitting Cartier watch?
    2. Does the chalk/white bracelet have issues with yellowing or does it age well?
    TIA! :biggrin:

    Edit - would you stack the Tank Francaise medium model with the Clic H or the Clic Clac version? Thanks :smile:
  2. I have a craie/PH clic. I've had it for about 4 years now and see no issues with yellowing. I think most people are more concerned about the enamel chipping. For stacking with a watch, I think either the clic H or clic clac will look great!
  3. Hmm I thought the clic H and clic clac were one and the same? they are different?
  4. no issues with yellowing. i'd go with the smaller size but why don't you wear your watch to the store and try out both sizes again then make a decision?
  5. I agree! I would think the snug-one would be better (so it's not banging against your watch every time you move your wrist), but you'll have to try them both on with the watch to see what suits you best.
  6. I like the wider clic bracelet (I think that's the Clic H?). For stacking I think the pm would be better so it doesn't roll up and down your arm or overlap your watch!
  7. Clic H is the Narrow Clic Clac, Clic Clac is the wider one.

    I would also say go for the PM size. But if it was me personally I wouldn't use a metal bracelet next to my watch, they might scratch each other.
  8. Thanks for clarifying that cr1stalangel!
  9. Thank you all so much! :smile:

    You made a good point... I'm now considering switching to the Kelly double tour bracelet in a neutral color and phw. Any cons to that? I'm leaving in half an hour! So excited :smile: