So I went to Coach today...

  1. I've looked at the Carly demi on the website and so far I love it. I just wanted to see it in person. So I go to my store and they #1 don't have it , #2 not really sure what I'm talking about (SA keeps showing me the pouch) and #3 tell me they most likely won't get it in. Well I figured I'll just go home and order it online and if I don't end up liking it I'll return it. I go home and the Black Sig. demi is no longer available right now. I'm crushed. Anyone know how long it will be before it's back on the website?
  2. The website says 2/25 for the black/black demi.
  3. When I ordered my Carly leather demi over the phone Friday my Coach store had the black/black signature in stock in the store. You could always try calling them to see if they still have them so they could ship one to you! (616) 538-5802
  4. Please Post Pic's If U Buy One.
  5. so sorry to hear that you had some trouble with getting the Carly. I really want to see the demi in real life before I buy it.