So I went to check out the neo cabby denim bag...

  1. Well, the bag is cute, imo but the price??? I mean, it's a piece of denim with handles! :wtf:I can see paying about $350 max. Anyone else feels this way? Whatever LV is smoking, I would like to have some of that. I don't mind paying money when a bag has a great design, like Rivets for example. Or I can see paying a lot of money for MC line, it seems like these bags are expensive to make. Just don't get it. Can someone enable me?
  2. and a monogram speedy 25 is just handles and canvas LOL but people pay 600$ for that. When really it should be about 200$ maybe 275$ at most. I mean its not leather its canvas...
  3. Perhaps doing a search on the Neo Cabby (within the lv sub forum) will give you many reason why the bag is priced the way it is.

    Good luck with your search!
  4. I paid it and I love mine!
  5. Overpriced, maybe, but then again what LV item is NOT overpriced when you compare it to some other brands? The other denim bags are priced over $600, 700 to $1400 too ... ;)
  6. I love my cabby!! I guess it depends on what you really love. If I love it and I'm going to use it forever, then I'll pay the price.
  7. The Denim Neo Cabby has more "bells and whistles" than other LV canvas bags of its size that may be less expensive. There's more leather, more hardware, a zippered closure. and more details (the buckles on the bottom of the bag, buckles on the shoulder strap). Also, denim is a natural fiber whereas Canvas is manmade. The interior is also of higher quality than the canvas bags.
  8. Bag Fetish - It is funny thing that you mention that the speedy should cost around 200$ to 275$; because that is what I paid for mine in 1990. LOL
  9. I don't have it yet, but plan on buying one soon. the price is high but you are not just paying for the denim you are paying for the brand.
  10. OMG the LV's are actually woven into the denim unlike the canvas where they are not...the workmanship and labour is more detailed than a 700.00 dollar speedy so imo it is worth more...but, it is really$$$$$$$$
  11. initially i balked at the price of the MM, but after seeing it in the store i had to have it, and i can say it was worth every penny. it's something that you'll be able to use for a long time, because the denim is remarkably durable, and if you get it in black it goes with everything
  12. isnt that amazing how the price has gone up!
  13. That's so cool how the LVs are woven into the denim...with detail like that, it is no wonder that the price is so high.
  14. Ditto and...........I :heart:Mine.
  15. It is expensive. But they are so nice.