So I went shopping yesterday and came home with...

  1. this.


    Everyone is ga-ga over it and I love it too but it's sort of trendy and I'm afraid I'll get tired of it. What do ya'll think? It's rather large by the way.

    I also ordered this one, but it is backordered so who knows when it will come.


    Which one do ya'll like better?
  2. I'd keep the tags on the zebra stripe for now until you know if the lilac will be coming for sure, if you can't have both. I like the lilac best personally. I think it'd be more versatile and useful for longer than the zebra. I tend to be more conservative though! Both bags are pretty though so what really matters is what you like and will wear most!
  3. I like the liliac best!. I ordered her also and talked to CS. today They are on back order till sometime in JAN. Goodluck also! I hope we get our handbags!
    They are both are cute handbags though its what you like that matters!
  4. OMG!!! LOVE THEM BOTH!!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Personally I Like the lilac best but those are just my color preferences. I would wait and see when it comes and then decide. Good Luck! :tup:
  6. i love the zebra... it is such an amazing bag. i actually dont really like the lilac, not my style. The zebra is a bit trendy...but i dont think it will go out of style anytime soon. I'm totally jealous...wish it was in my budget right now!
  7. Don't like the zebra, sorry. The thought of calf hair on a purse just makes me a little ill. Leather is fine, hair is ewwww.
  8. They are both really cute, but I like the second one better.
  9. i like the second better but both are beautiful!:yes:
  10. omgggg that zebra bag is next on my list! :nuts:
    if you don't like it give it to meeee! lol. :p
  11. I like the zebra one. I love the new grass color. I don't think it is too trendy and can be used in all seasons. Animal prints always seem to be in and out of fashion at various times and I love the grass color and the grass khaki together.
  12. i LOVE the lilac...
  13. I like this one better
  14. Both bags are beautiful. I really love the green with zebra stripes. I want that bag!!
  15. They're both gorgeous!! The green one is beautiful & trendy, but I kind of like the lilac better... if I had that one, I would never get tired of it; I would wear it forever! :smile: