So...I went NUTS at the Outlet Today!!! (long)

  1. Okay, many of you know I bought the Large Denim Carly yesterday and have been trying to decide if I should keep it or take it back and get something less expensive. SO, this morning I decided to take a drive to the Coach Outlet to see if there was a hidden treasure there waiting for me to find it - to help me make up my mind. Well, LOL...I DID find lots of 'treasures'. I found: a Charcoal Suede Ali, Whiskey Wristlet, Crimson Sig Stripe Agenda, new Legacy Straw Tote (not being set out until tomorrow night!!!). I also got two charms ("A" and Moon). I got great deals on everything, but now I am second guessing my purchases. The Ali was a STEAL, but I can't use it till the fall/winter. I am not thrilled with the Legacy Wristlet - it's gorgeous, but is too small for my taste. The Agenda is TDF and I REALLY want to keep it, but I already have another planner so I could put that money towards keeping my Denim Carly or something else. But...if I were to keep ANYTHING I got today it would be THAT! The Straw Tote is TDF also - the red is AWESOME, but I don't really NEED a straw tote that can only be used for a few months out of the year.
    So, I am really worse off than I was before I went this morning. WHAT SHOULD I DO???? I had good intensions when I left this morning, but my eyes got the best of me. I am still thinking about the Denim Carly - it's just SOOO PRETTY. I've been afraid to bring it out again - afraid that I'll fall even deeper in love. It's just SO MUCH MONEY! I could take THAT back and keep EVERYTHING I got today!! What to do?
    Oh, one last thing: I absolutely LOVE the way the Suede Ali fits...AWESOME!! I WANT ONE IN LEATHER! I just don't know if I want the Whiskey anymore - it seems too dark to me, but I think the Natural is too light for me. Maybe I should go with the WHITE (Like Hayden P.'s)??? Does it get dirty easily? Could I carry it all year (in South Texas)? Is the black TOO dark/fall-ish? Thanks for putting up with this novel!:p
    IMG_1233.JPG IMG_1234.JPG IMG_1230.JPG IMG_1229.JPG
  2. Whoa!!! That is some great stuff you found! Personally, I love all of it and I'd be DYING to keep it all (and the Carly!) but if you HAVE to take some back I'd say the straw tote goes first (but I'm not a fan of straw bags). I'd probably also return the wristlet if you think it's too small for much use and then maybe the planner even though I think it is super cute. I personally love the Ali you got so I'd be keeping that one even if I had to wait to use it! All in all you found some great stuff...I'm totally jealous , lol.
  3. I love all your buys. esp the tote! . Heck. I say keep them all! But if the buys are not sitting well with you keep what you will use the most!..

    I'm jealous of that tote!!
  4. I want that wristlet!!! I have the shoulder bag in whiskey and one in black and I am using the black legacy french purse when I carry either bag. It would be nice to have the whiskey wristlet to offset the black wallet when I carry the black bag. Does that make sence?? I guess I should be on the lookout at the outlet near me.

    The red straw tote is cute - remind me of what you have already (and are keeping).
  5. Great purchases! i'm jealous!
  6. omg that ALI is TDF! i'm not keen on straw stuff but if you're gonna go in that direction COACH is definately the direction to go! i like everything!
  7. I love EVERYTHING you bought today-- so many bags, so little time! You can use those throughout the year and just think, as far as the ali goes, you'll have a new bag to use come winter! I'd keep it all, but that's just me-- if you have to return something I'd say the Carly.

    I want that planner for my crimson sig stripe tote.... :drool:

    That straw tote is TDF!!!! :love: great purchases!
  8. why can't you use the ali until fall/winter? i don't understand this whole "seasons" thing. when i buy a bag, i use it whenever the heck i want to!
  9. I thought of you & your striped tote when I saw the planner. The Crimson really IS TDF in person!!!

    Okay, all I have now (since I way slimmed down on my bags) is my Legacy Shoulder Zip (blk/kh/eb) and my little Denim-y purse (don't know the style name, but the # is 8146. And my Sig Stripe Punch Wristlet & Scribble Pony Scarf & some charms.
    In my POSSESSION as of yesterday I have:
    Large Denim Carly:heart:
    Suede Legacy Ali:heart:
    Legacy Straw Tote (red)
    Legacy Wristlet - Whiskey
    Sig Stripe Agenda (Crimson):heart:
    I would LIKE to keep the :heart: ones, but there's no way I can spend that much money - especially when I can't even USE the Ali till the fall. Ideally, I'd like to take it all back and get a Legacy Ali in White (or Black, but not sure I'd like the black & think the Whiskey may be too dark for me now - after seeing the Wristlet IRL?!?!) So....I just don't know. I definitely cannot keep much. I can either keep:
    Large Denim Carly
    Suede Ali & Agenda (and maybe get another small/good deal bag)
    Return them all and get a Leather Ali that I can use all year long (and maybe still keep the agenda!)
    I NEED a bigger bag, since I have 2 smaller bags now. I think the Ali would be perfect for what I need...OR the Carly.
    LegacyShoulderZip.jpg IMG_1133.JPG
  10. I don't's just such a dark bag and so "delicate" being suede and all. It's a GORGEOUS bag, but I think I may rather put in the extra money (I'd get from taking everything else back) and get a LEATHER Ali instead....just don't know which color - maybe White or Black??? I know WHISKEY is the most "popular" color, but don't know if it's for ME?!!?
  11. wow, gorgeous purchases! I wish my outlet had great stuff like that!
  12. I say take it all back, except for the agenda (hello!?! it's gorgeous!)...
    here's why..
    You really don't seem too happy w/ the Carly.
    The suede Ali wouldn't be carried til the fall and just imagine what Coach will come out w/ for the fall season that you could choose from.
    The straw tote is very cute and would make a great summer purse, but if you're not feeling it, let it go.
    Pool all of your money from everything together, get a nice summer purse (white ali would be sweeeet) and save money for the fall line that will come out.

    just my thoughts tho. :p
  13. I am so jealous! No outlet near me either! I love the tote, LOVE IT! I also love the wristlet. The color is TDF! The Agenda and Straw bag would be the first I would take back, but that's me. I don't care for straw.

    Honestly though, if it was between all of them and the Carly, I would be keeping the Carly.
  14. oh man....sorry to say but if i were in your situation, i wouldn't know what to do either :sad: sorry can't be much help...i usually have to ask my boyfriend or someone else's opinion i trust to guide me. or you have some good points that you've made about returning certain items and i think you should stick with that. but i certainly think i'd keep the carly. good luck making your decision and hope we could help you decide! :smile:
  15. Congrats! love the agenda.