So I went into the boutique to check out the Lumi, and decided that I prefer...

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  1. ... the Evora! I am looking for a new, highly functional bag to suit my lifestyle now that I have a toddler with a second on the way. Thank you to the ladies to chimed in on my previous thread looking for opinions (I tried to link to the thread but couldn't?).

    Anyways, I would like a bag that I can carry handheld, shoulder and, on occasion, cross-body. I was considering the Lumi with a speedy b special-ordered strap for cross-body wear. Although I love the look of the lumi and the fact that it's leather, I just didn't find it comfortable. I found the base of the bag too wide for comfortable shoulder carrying, and the shape was not really well-suited to cross-body carrying. Also, I find that the shoulder strap of the lumi to be a bit too thin if you are carrying more than a few things in the bag.

    I am really bummed - I was so looking forward to adding something from the empreinte line to my collection, however the Evora just seems so much more comfortable and functional to me! I have a damier keepall 50 and the strap from that is perfect to add for occasional cross-body carrying while traveling. I found the shape very comfortable for carrying all ways, and it's a perfect size. It does seem over-priced to me, though.

    Surprisingly, I found the Audacieuse more comfy and functional than I was expecting, but the suede scares me a bit.

    How I with that they made the Evora in an all-leather model!
  2. I think the Evora is a great choice. It was way too big for me but with kids I think it would work well since you have both handles and a strap. I would think the DE would be more practical and functional that the empreinte with kids, I would worry about destroying the leather. I've gone into the store many times wanting one bag and ending up with something completely different. Sometimes it takes trying them on to realize what works for you.
  3. I think you made the best choice.
  4. I told my boyfriend that I will be getting the evora de when I have kids. It just screams practical without having the look of a mommy bag. I'm not the biggest fan of the imprinted leather though, so that does sway my opinion. I do like mahina, however... Anyway, evora is really great. And canvas is so much better in terms of weight and durability. That's one of the reasons I love LV.