So I went for an another INK !!!!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    So I went to the Printemps today (I couldn't wait till tomorrow:shame: )...

    And well it was :heart: at first sight !!!

    Let me introduce you to my Ink Purse :love: !!!

    I can't succeed to catch the real colour...(except maybe in the 1rst pic)
    ...but you can have an idea of the leather :graucho: !!!

    Can't wait to have his big brother !!!
    INK Work will be in Paris in mid Nov :yahoo: !!!
    Purse Ink SS06.jpg Purse Ink 2 SS06.jpg Purse Ink 3 SS06.jpg Purse Ink 1 SS06.jpg Purse Ink 4 SS06.jpg
  2. Congrats,:yahoo: the leather looks amazing. Wear it in good health.
  3. Congrats, she is very beautiful.
  4. Congratulations! The leather looks beautiful. I didn't expect to like ink because I'm not a blue bag gal, but it grabbed me right away. It's a keeper.:yes:
  5. Congrats fromparis! PS did Printemps have any Ink Cities?
  6. Love it to death! Love it, covet it! Congrats, it looks stunning!
  7. Woah! Stunning! The leather is beautiful... Congratulations!
  8. So classy looking! And the bag too!
  9. Thank you Nanaz, Powder, Catcat , Deco, DancingQueen, Ally
    and Skimatic...
    sorry no more Ink City in the Printemps ...

    There were gorgeous BI in First and Work...
    So I try the Work on me and too bad the colour didn't look good on me...
    after all the drama about my BI Day (that I'll never find here)...
    FInally Happy B-bag Ending !!!
  10. Gorgeous bag. My first bbag was an ink purse (i returned it) and now i am very sad seeing how amazing it looks on you. your purse is just perfect. the best leather i've seen
  11. Wow - gorgeous! I love all these bbags. I think ink is a fabulous color too!You guys make it sooo hard for me to wait until I can get mine!
  12. after all the drama about my BI Day (that I'll never find here)...[/B][/COLOR]
    FInally Happy B-bag Ending !!![/QUOTE]

    Congratulations on the yummy new purse!!! lovely!
    You couldn't find a BI Day? (sorry missed out on this story, maybe another post?) I saw one at Bal Paris, leather looked good, but I was indecisive about the color...
  13. The leather looks beautiful!!!!! Congrats!
  14. Gorgeous! The leather looks wonderful.
  15. WOW!! The color and leather on your new Purse is GORGEOUS!! No wonder you could not pass that one up. The Purse style is fantastic too! Glad to hear that you got it and love it. Congratulations!