So I was wondering...

  1. I know that obviously the bigger the sizing of the bag, the more expensive they are and they all seem to differ about $200 from one size to the next, but I was wondering how much they differ in terms of leather? Like Togo, Clemence, Barenia, Box Calf etc...
  2. i would like to know this also
  3. Wish I can help answer...But..I do sometimes wish I was shorter so I can pull the smaller sizes would be like if I was saving money....or be able to buy
  4. Chevre is more expensive than, say, Togo. Vache Ligee is coming in as the most expensive non-exotic nowadays.....Box calf is up there too.
  5. Hehe, I'm a complete shortie 5'2.5 but I LOVE huge bags. Good thing I feel I should carry nothing over a 35cm (unless it's a GP) for Hermes bags because they are so structured and would look silly on me.

    Meanwhile I LOVE Balenciaga Weekender and Couriers. I'm pretty sure I can fit inside them if I just curl up in a ball....
  6. My rule of thumb is if I want to figure out how much something in ostrich will cost, I typically take the total for regular leather and times that by 2. Pretty close.:yes:
  7. Actually if we're talking anything from a cow the difference isn't that much.

    From my credit card swipe experiences at FSH last year, the premiums were negligible. Box 35 cm Birkin 4900 euro. Clemence/togo 35 Birkin 4850 euro.