So I was talking to my SA today...

  1. as she was searching for my Lurex Zoe clutch and she asked me what I thought about the new Spring line. I told her I like the Carly bags, but I am holding out for a khaki sig/white leather version...

    Well she said it was coming! Woo-hoo! :yahoo:

    She also liked the new Scribble line...colors were brighter than last year.
  2. I like the look of khaki sig/white...good desicion on holding out!
  3. Oooohhhh!! Can't wait to see the Carly in khaki/white!
  4. Oh good I want the white leather. I was talking to my SA a few nights ago and he showed me a swatch of the scribble and the patchwork, and from what I saw it looked horrible. Hopefully on a bag it will look better.
  5. new scribble line,eh??:yes:
  6. I want to see the scribble line. Do you know when it's coming out krispin?
  7. same question.:yes:
  8. :nuts: OHHH, I love my scribble bags!! I can't wait to see the new ones!! I still use my zip around scribble wallet more than any of my others!!

    Yea! New colors! :wlae:
  9. She said later Spring for the new Scribble. She said the C's were outlined.

    She also said the new Sig Stripe stuff was supposed to be out on the 28th.

    Not sure of the new charms though. I specifically asked.

    I'm going back today to pick up my Zoe Lurex clutch.
  10. Can't wait for the scribble line.

  11. yeah im excited now.
  12. ughhhh scribble :throwup:
  13. The new scribble sounds cute!
  14. it does actually

    for clarfication, it's a light color, and outlined with a darker color.

    you can see an example if you ask for the watch books, there's the new pattern for scribbles on the watch's face.

    this line usually comes around feb, but i think maybe this year it'll be march. it's a toss between the two.

    i can't wait to see the floorset books for feb!
  15. Thanks for the info, Whitney. A lot of people have been very curious about the time frame of the new arrivals.