So I was reading the latest Vogue (Kirsten Dundst cover)

  1. and there is an article in there about accessories (with a picture of the LV Groom coin purse) and the article mentioned that Coach is coming out with zodiac bag chams. Has anyone seen a pic of these anywhere? I would love to get a Taurus for myself and a Capicorn for my Mom.
  2. i never heard that! sounds cute.
  3. that sounds very cute!
  4. Nice! Pisces here, I cant wait to see!
  5. Wow, that would be really neat! I'm excited too for this
  6. looking forward to the charms, i love accessories!
  7. OOO that sounds like a great idea....Aries here!!! I'm so going to get one when & if they do come out.
  8. I'm a Cancer! I wonder what the price range will be?
  9. Cute! :flowers:
  10. I'm thinking anywhere from $38 to $58...that's what I'm guessing.
  11. sounds adorable!! :heart: :nuts:
  12. I was told a new line will be online by the 7th of next month, maybe this will be a part of that. I hope so.. I want a taurus!
  13. That's sounds really neat! I would get one, but I'm a Scorpio, so it might look kinda freaky if I have a scorpion on my bag. Oh well