So I was out shopping today....

  1. ....and I was standing at the checkout with my ink city and the lady in front of me turned around and looked at my bag and said 'Oh, we have the same bag'.....I looked down at her bag. HA..I don't think so. It was soooo fake. It was this hideous brown (leather?) with a gold zipper. Same bag, my a$$!
  2. Stupid woman thinking she could pass off a bad fake as authentic, so many people are satisfied with carrying fakes! i would rather carry a "real" cheap bag if that was all i could afford than a fake designer!
  3. You should have real casualy said,"I got mine at ____ where did you get yours?". She would have probably realized yours was authentic.
  4. hahahaha... that's funny... ppl these days.. BLIND I tell ya...

    what did you reply?
  5. awe, that makes me feel kinda sad though, what if she didn't know her bag was fake (?) :shrugs::heart:
  6. I'm with you there, aaa! I mean, we've seen so many people paying an arm and a leg on eBay for Bbags that to this forum, anyway, are blatantly fake. :sad: :heart:
  7. Surely, she could see the difference in her bag up against yours?
  8. welp, all i know is that my own dear, sweet mother wouldn't know the difference :sad:...she lives in a small town in TX & nobody has b-bags there...and who knows, that bag could have been a gift from someone (?) ...i just think it's kinda mean to make fun of people that way, JMO :girlsigh:
  9. Aint that the truth... I've been posting about a fake on eBay that went for over $800 - it totally shattered me!
  10. I bet she didn't realize her bag was a fake and she doesn't know enough about Bbags (or leather quality, etc) to be able to distinguish quality from the fake stuff.
  11. You're right aaa! Why do people actually think you can get an authentic bag for $200? I never owned high end bags growing up and I just started buying them this past year and I just knew anything that cheap was fake. Unless like some of you girls have said...she paid a lot for it and just thinks it's authentic.
  12. AMEN! :yes:
  13. I agree. There are a lot of people out there who don't really care about designer goods, they just like the look of something that they found at some random store and they probably have no idea that it is a knock-off of a famous handbag. I'm not a fan of fakes at all, but I don't think we have the right to judge people who don't spend the $$ that some of us do on handbags (I don't appreciate when people make comments about how crazy I am to spend so much on "pieces of leather"). The same thing has happened to me and I just smile and agree since there's really no need for correction, they can think what they want, whatever. If she knows hers is a fake, well, that's her problem and maybe one day she'll be educated on what goes into counterfeit goods, and if she doesn't, I just hope she didn't get taken by one of the criminals on Ebay. Either way, you have a great bag that makes you happy. Just my 2 cents.:smile: :smile:
  14. That's all I could think about while writing my 1st response. My Mom wouldn't know the difference at all between a real Balenciaga and a $50 knockoff from some place like Aldo. If she had a fake designer handbag (unknowingly, because she doesn't give a crap about any of this stuff) she would say the same thing to someone standing in line with her.
  15. i'm with u girl....
    so many people don't know if the real b bags exist...