So I "was" on a Ban... A Reveal


Jul 31, 2009
It was Saturday August 8th and I was leisurely strolling with DH in Monte-Carlo content to enjoy the rest of my summer holiday on a ban.

When low and behold I found myself accidentally in the H boutique, Sans DH (uh-oh).

I say accidentally because I have no idea how I ended up there! Surely I wouldn't intentionally walk in to Hermes the second DH wanders off when I'm on a ban.

What does one do in such a situation!!? I'll tell you what I did being the bag ban upholding person I am (Umm was).

I walked to the accessories section and started looking at various key chains and jewelery and kept my eyes averted from the handbags and leather accessories.

When I caught sight of a beautiful CDC in orange Croc & PHW!! The nearest SA saw me circling that CDC like a shark who's tasted blood and had that baby around my wrist before I could even blink!

"I'll take it !!" were the next words out of my mouth and so the SA took me to the counter where she started to prepare Tax free documents and the special document you need to export any Croc items outside the EU.

While I was filling out the tax free form oblivious of what was going on behind me. My SA casually leans towards me and says "I may have some Birkins available to show you. My colleague over there may have those available for you. "

"Those" were 2 very lovely 35cm Birkins being flashed at 2 ladies behind me.

Yes, not one but 2 Birkins!!

I'm no Hermes Pro but if I had to guess at the colors I'd say one was Rouge H maybe in Chevre as it was fairly dark and the other most likely a Gris Tourterelle in Togo.

Mmmmmmmm...Birkins. No no no I couldn't ! So I kindly decline and tell the SA actually I'm not looking to buy any bags at the moment unless of course it was a .... in..... ( certain words removed for the reveal).

That was the wrong thing to say because she says "Oh!! I have one in the back!! It was a SO that a 19 year old made and she brought in her dad to buy it but he refused when he saw the price he had no idea it would be that expensive."

Well we all know what happened next but just in case you don't... I lost all interest in the CDC and ended up walking out with a big orange bag!

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Apr 23, 2008
I want to be on a ban just like the one Umfahad is on! Now, that's definitely a ban I can live with.


Jul 31, 2009
NicAddict hmm I think maybe our H purchases should come with anti-gravitational suits so we don't get sucked in so soon afterwards!!

oh is that what this is...

:confused1: a rain coat? hmm how come my SB didnt come with one of these.