So, I was just thinking........

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  1. (never a good thing......)

    Let's say you have a nice collection of Hermes bags. You love these's taken you time and effort to find each one. You would be hard pressed to choose which bag to grab in case of a house fire when you have only moments before the ceiling caves in.

    Let's say that one day you fall in love with a particular bag you don't own yet and it's quite possible that THIS bag could be the bag-of-your-dreams. You tell yourself that this is the bag you can see yourself carrying every day of your life until the day you drop.

    Then, let's say the ONLY way you could afford this bag-of-your-dreams is to sell off almost your entire collection. (this is a hint that the bag-of-your-dreams is rather pricey) This would, of course, leave you with one or two bags (one of which IS this pricey bag-of-your-dreams) at the most. (and, of course, a boat load of scarves and a ton of accessories).

    Would you do it?
  2. Too late, D! They sold the 30cm matte croc Birkin with diamonds at Madison.
  3. WHAT????????????????????????????????

    What bag are you thinking about...I need to know more before I can process...............................
  4. If you can drop the "quite possible" part and be sure that you will carry it every day of your life, then I'd go for it.
  5. Oh my gosh I think we are having the same debate. I have become obsessed with Elle's 35 matte croc and I think I need that bag and I will carry it every day forever. I'm afraid once I have it I will still long for other bags and that one wont be enough.
  6. So DH getting a second job is out of the question then?

    I'd do it... for my dream, last-me-a-lifetime bag, I'd make whatever sacrifices were necessary to achieve the dream.

    Having said that, I do like to hoard things too...
  7. Well, we know that ain't happening! The way Shopmom goes through bags...............

  8. BLOODY HELL! Always too late and a dollar short.............
  9. Here's my advise to you, not sure if I will take my own advise but here's my 2 cents.

    Buy the dream bag but hold off on selling your current bags until you have it. Put it on a credit card or something. Live with the new bag 3 weeks and see if it really does fulfil all your dreams. If it does, you can let loose your current bags with no fear, if it doesn't sell the "dream" bag and keep your current collection. This way you wont loose your current loves in order to chase a dream
  10. If it is the bag-of-your-dreams, other bags should not keep you from it. I agree with Tods - go for it.
  11. MAN, this is a hard one! Have you thought before buying any of the other bags, "THIS is the bag I can see myself carrying forever?" 'Cos if so, I have a feeling that it may not stop with this next bag. If you're sure though, I would definitely say, "Do it!" Picking quality over quantity is very Hermes, after all. ;)

  12. And THIS is the dilemma!!!! That damn matte croc bag is HAUTING! Let's just thank GOD one isn't available anywhere or I'd be in some serious trouble.........that bag has had me drooling all over my keyboard for days now. AND got me thinking about this very subject.

    Can you be happy with ONE holy-grail bag?
  13. tough call. i've been thinking the same lately myself, though. i think i'd miss the other bags way too much to give it all up for one grand prize.
  14. Nope...don't think so... How did you do reading Entre Nous??? Am thinking we are just not French...
  15. OMG do we know who bought it? a run of the mill heiress or someone interesting?