so, i was just on the phone with a fairly reliable SA from saks...and was told

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  1. that this fall GST will be available in red and brown...can anyone's SA confirm this?
  2. red?! :drool: I... must... have...
  3. WOW!! If this is true, it's very good news.
  4. Me too!!!
  5. One of the Saks SA's who went to Paris for fall buying did recently mention the red GST to me -- she said it was caviar, though not yet sure what shade of red. Haven't heard anything about a brown GST though.
  6. A red caviar GST :tender:
  7. what about PST??? GST in red could be bit too flashy for me :smile:
  8. hmm, could be the same SA.
  9. I'm dying for a brown caviar GST with silver h/w!! Red sounds so pretty too... I can't wait to see them in person!

  10. Oh yeah........... RED!
  11. dark brown PST w/ silver hdw have been in stock for a while. there's one at my neiman's
  12. i've seen a PST in red in Saks in nyc. it's very pretty! forgot what kind of hardware though.
  13. it was lamb though, yes?
  14. What kind of red is it? Is it red red or coral red? And caviar?