So, I was just noodling around......

  1. .....on eBay, taking a gander at the scarf offerings around the world and got to thinking that if there's one scarf design I could buy in every single color-way printed it would be "Axis Mundi". And that got me thinking of two OTHER scarf designs I never get tired of looking at and, really, could buy every colorway and that is "Art des Steppes" and "Legende Kuna.....".

    Thankfully, I came to my senses before I did a BIN on an "Axis.." in colors I KNOW would make me look like a corpse (NOT a good look for a woman of advanced years....).

    Please tell me I'm not alone.......:shame:
  2. Not alone in wanting a certain scarf in all colorways...or not alone in being of the advanced age and not wanting to be likened to a corpse?:p
    Yes to both for me!
    All kidding aside, I had to stop myself at two of the ACC mousselines ...I wanted them all....
  3. LMAO!!!!

    Funny thing is that I only have one mousseline and that's all I desire....but I can fill up my armoire with silks and those fabby cashmere's! The small cashmere/silk shawls are addictive!!!!
  4. ^I have seen some of your posts and you look absolutely fabulous! I don't see how anything could look bad on you! And no, you are not alone, I love almost every colorway of "Chevaux de France"--I ended up buying two ;)
  5. I have tried hard to resist the urge to go down the H scarf path- but I can see how it can really pull you in (and for good reason). The scarves are just gorgeous- works of art.
  6. I'd have put "Recontre Ocean" on my list of scarves I could have in every color but since I don't even have ONE and I'm not about to chuck a lung so I can afford one on eBay, I don't have to worry about it! LMAO!

    But seriously....that's another one I could have multiples of for sure.

  7. I just have one of the small cashmere/silks and love far as the silk carres, I could buy the jungle love in every color. I know, I have sort of offbeat taste in Hermes scarves...
  8. I have that one too, Rocker, but my absolute favorite of the animal prints is "Les Giraffes". Have you seen that one? It looks fantastic no matter HOW it's folded or tossed on.......
  9. i have been neglecting my scarves lately but that cashmere shawl - boy is that the most fabulous thing i've ever bought!!!! i love it. desperately want a black one but they don't make one yet.
  10. I know for myself if I like something I am impulsive and tend to try to hoard every color available, then of course live to regret the choices that make me look blah. I think it has something to do with the anal Scorpio thing....
  11. Hmmmm - I'm trying to have a 1 color 1 scarf rule and I was doing very well until I bought the red Belles du Mexique cashmere......

    Now I want the sepia one too :push:

    I think you need it too S'Mom!
  12. Heeheehee...HANDYBAGS.....I DO have it! :love:
  13. When it ties really well in all sorts of ways then I find that I really need it in all c/ws. Turandot falls into this category. :nuts: There are too many to count, just wait till you see the Indian theme scarves, then you'll be clinging onto your money tree for dear life! :lol:
  14. Oh you strong woman!
  15. I have to put on the breaks re multiples, too. I'm going to try to stick to the 1 colorway/scarf rule next season. We'll see how it goes. Also, as I'm getting older, there are colors that add about 50 years... :yes: