So I was in the mall tonight...

  1. Ok, I was in the mall shopping tonight just really browsing. I passed a bag store which seemed to be taking on not one but two of LV's latest. There was a whole window display on the left dedicated to perforated bags and then the right window had bags in almost the exact same colour as the pomme d'amour! Looks like these are the big thing now that everybody's copying!
  2. You mean like how Dooney and Coach totally rip off high nd designs. Yeah. I dept stores in china and taiwan i saw comerially available and produced sudoLV. sad and bizarre.
  3. The thing is it wasn't even Dooney or coach! It was some no name brand that I don't even remember. When I asked a sales lady about the resemblance to LV, she looked at me like I was nuts saying that LV was too much money for inferior products :roflmfao:
  4. Thats funny. I would have said its too much money 4 your inferior products.
  5. OMG. dooney and coach totally ripi off lv. the need to think of something original. (especially dooney!)
    coach pretty much just made a monogram in similar colors as lv, and mc.
    but dooney copies mc, denim, monogram mini, mini lin.. whats next, vernis? miroir?

    (sorry about the dooney rantm but i really dont like them) ((just an opinion))
  6. All I have to say is: *sigh*
  7. :push:
  8. i second that!!
  9. ummm..ya, a few weeks ago I also still saw Kimora Lee simons' (or is it called baby phat? lol) wannabe-LV-Charms bags+acessories.........:wtf:
  10. :rolleyes:
  11. Ok, other than the fact that both D&B and Coach put a big logo all over their purses, I dont really see much of a resemblace between them and LV. Therefore I can't really see how they rip off LV. I mean in a way every brand borrows ideas from some other brand. What is completely original anymore?
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of either D&B or Coach, but some people wish their whole lives that they could have something D&B or Coach and just because we can afford LV does not mean we have to take a big S**T on lower brands. JMHO.
  12. coach makes me sad now that i am more intimately acquainted with LV's items. coach even has a deuville and trouville type bag that looks exactly the same, but with the c's! i even noticed a batignolles type thing all over the place. its sad. and im kinda embarassed for a coulple of my pieces now. they almost feel cheapened.

  13. i love the new pic in your avatar, btw, you are absolutely adorable if that is you! so cute!

    kls has such style and design that it kills me to see her do knock-off type sh1t. why? what for? be a friggin designer!
  14. Ick :sad: