So I Was In The Lobby At The Hilton...


Oct 21, 2008
Orlando Fl
Hey everyone I'm on spring break at a very nice ocean front Hilton and as we pulled up to the entrance and started unloading our bags i saw a TROLLY filled with LV Luggage I was in total Awe! They had MC Duffles in black and white and 5 Keepalls And 4 Different sized Pegases 2 Smaller Alzers a Hatbox And A Beauty Case!!! I was like :faint:... Just wanted to share with you how I died and went to LV Heaven for like one minute! ;)

Nordy's girl

My youngest!
Sep 23, 2008
Oh my Gosh, that would have been the best start to my day, seeing all that luggage, it sounds gorgeous! Too bad you couldn't sneak a pic, that would have been a little akward though I guess LOL! Enjoy your spring break! (Maybe the LV lady is looking for a new BFF LOL!)