So, I was in the BV store in San Francisco today...

  1. ..and didn't buy a thing but had so much fun! I was with my husband who isn't really into fashion, but he really enjoyed talking with the SA and learning about Bottega. He has had the same wallet forever, and mentioned that he "wouldn't mind" getting the Bottega woven men's wallet. I saw him in the corner lovingly caressing it, turning it over and over. This is a guy who never shops for himself. I want to surprise him with one soon:graucho:

    I tried on just about every bag in the store and spent quite a while getting educated on the Limited Edition bags behind the glass, which is about as close as I will ever get to most of them! I was quite surprised about two bags. I've seen them both before (on the web) and wasn't too interested, but in person, they are incredible! One is the Plisse Frame bag and the other is the Palermo bag. The Plisse is soft, woven and pleated-very detailed. Then the SA pulled the Palermo out of the drawer and I gasped. It is so much more beautiful in person-buttery soft, not stiff looking like in pictures and looks like a soft crocheted piece, also with such incredible handmade detail. I loved it in the red orange Pompei color-just stunning!

    You really do have to touch and feel many of these bags to get a real sense of how beautifully they're made. It was fun to see my husband actually now "appreciate" the fine workmanship of great handbags too.:yes:
    Plisse Frame Bag.jpg Palermo bag.jpg
  2. What a fun time, Marly!! Your hubby should have a BV wallet. I love mine.

    Interesting that the Palermo is better IRL. It just doesn't grab me when I see the photo, and I haven't seen one in the Chicago store. I've seen the Plisse too and it's a gorgeous bag. How much leather goes into one of those, do you think??
  3. ^^I agree about the Palermo-frankly, I previously thought it was a stiff, not so great looking-rather "old" looking style.:s IRL, when it sits, it softens and squishes down like a Veneta or any other soft style BV would. The crocheted body is very intricate and interesting. The fuchsia color that I show it in doesn't help either-not too crazy about that combo together, but in Ebano, black or red/Pompei -it takes on a whole different life.
    Even the SA said it was one of her favorites.:shrugs: I wouldn't go out and buy one tomorrow, but I really am intrigued with the hand detail that some of these Bottegas have.

    Boxermom, I'm so happy you got a Campana-way to go!
  4. I have to agree with you are right on!
  5. I love that Plisse bag. I'm really loving retro frame style bags right now. I adore that one I posted last month (BV) - but alas unless $6,500. drops in my lap - I don't think i'll be purchasing it.... :sad:
  6. sounds like you had alot of fun! love the story about your DH and the wallet! let us know when you do surprise him!
  7. Thanks for the report Marly - I felt like I was there! I had a lot of fun the other day at the only store in my region that carries BV. They had some new arrivals that were just gorgeous and I don't think I could have appreciated them as much just from pictures. Truly works of art!! (and dangerous :graucho: )