So I was gonna sell my hippie... but...

  1. I loved that bag so much!! but it got so dirty easily! and then the white color rubbed off
    I was going to sell it but my Macys Coach SA told me to write a letter to corporate, which I did. They told me to send the bag and they would see what they could do.

    I didn't really wanna sell it anyway! It's a good thing nobody bid on it! Hopefully they can fix it! If not, at least offer me the 40% so i can buy another one now that I know about Apple Garde'!! Wish me luck!
  2. P.S.: Here is what I wrote in the letter in case anyone wants to know!
    I'm very good at dealing with customer service situations. My bf says I should be a lawyer! I got him out of a 300 dollar verizon bill, myself out of a cingular 200 dollar bill, etc!

    To whom it may concern:

    I am a loyal coach customer who spends her hard earned cash at Coach. I went into the stores during the last PCE and fell in love with the white legacy hippie and promptly bought it! Since then my experience with it has been downhill!

    First off, I wear a black wool coat every day because of the weather, and the color transfers on to the bag, even with my babying it, and a damp cloth does not remove it as per the instructions on the tag! On the contrary it just makes it worse, and some of the coloring has come off on the bag. Because of this I am putting my beloved bag for sale on eBay.
    I have gone to the store and emailed customer service, and all they me is that there is nothing I can do about it. This cannot be! How could coach (who stands by each and every bag they make) just leave the customer with such a casual response? This is frustrating! I asked about redying the bag, returning it, nothing was offered. Please advise me on what to do about this! I am very saddened by the quality of this bag, which I feel is not up to par with the quality of other bags (ie. the pebbled leather duffles)

  3. the white rubbed off?

    did you try and clean it? how?
  4. this is why you dont wear dark clothes with an unprotected bag or pretty much in general. even with patent leather you run the risk of color transfer. usually this is considered normal wear and tear and they may be nothing that can be done.
  5. when I bought the bag they never told me what to do with it! I had no idea it would be such a hassle.. I ve had white bags before and this NEVER happened!
    one of the SAs told me to use coach moisturizer and a baby wipe.. I used that but the wetness rubbed the white off.. the only thing that worked was the white eraser but by then that mark was already in there.. of cours every other mark was removed with the eraser, and then i read about Apple garde and bought that
  6. and besides I live in NY.. this winter has been BRUTAL! It's april and 30 degrees outside!
    plus I barely used the bag and babied it.. when i walked with it, i put my hand underneath to minimize rubbing
  7. i know, i live in RI, so its freakin cold.

    as a general rule, there can be color transfer on unprotected bags. basically i stick to an all weather bag during the cold months for this reason, or if its not rainy/snowy a black leather bag
  8. to tell u the truth i didnt know this bag was unprotected.. i thought all coach bags are like my wonderful pebbled leather duffle and scratch but still survive! i mean the white legacy is the only color that does that.. with the whiskey and natural, it blends in, and the black well nothing shows up on that except chalk!
  9. Katrynar:

    I own a White Legacy Ali and there is some color transfer. I now only wear it with light colored clothes.
    I am not going to wear it until the weather is warmer in
    May when I am wearing lighter clothes. I like you live in New York City and the weather this winter has been brutal. I have not been able to wear alot of my bags. I have a few Isaac Mizrahi for Target bags which I wear in inclement weather. Heck I am wearing one of them today as the weather hear is rainy. Send your letter in to Coach and see what they say. I think that the Legacy Leather in all the colors gets a weathered and worn look except for the white. Most people I hear have trouble with the white. Even though it was introduced in the fall/winter months I really don't think one can wear it in the type of climate we live in. I think it will wear better in the Southern States, Southwest and out West where the weather is better. For us I really think it is more of a Spring/Summer bag. My Ali is the first and only white Coach Bag that I have and I don't think I'd buy another white bag unless it is in the Hamptons Pebbled leather.
  10. on their is a form to fill out for repairs and if you call the 800# maybe they will waive the $20.00 fee, they have waived it 2x for me,just ask it dosn't hurt?

    Good luck!
  11. Where can I find Apple guard? So it is safe on Legacy leather?
  12. please do a board search you will find many of these common questions answered.
  13. I hope they make it really nice for you.
  14. White bags are so hard to take care of and keep clean. I only wear white bags in the Spring/Summer with light colored clothing. I hope they fix yours for you!!
  15. ooh now i know not to buy white bags.